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Page 8 of 11ZOOMRunning head: THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS1YANKELUN BAOCSci 100 (6100)Michael Myers2017/12/13THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS2Social media was not unfamiliar to moderns, But introducing social media we ineluctable need to talk about the major tycoons, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Etc. And there was also like Wechat, Line, Kakao talk in the foreign countries. Those were all “Social Media” supporters around the world.  Socialized Internet life has matured in a handful of Internet Geeks, especially peoples who are “twitting” every day on Twitter, pushing ideas tirelessly every day, websites, news, music, videos Links, these “Twitter” messages by a filter (RT, ReTweet), quickly spread all over the world. One of the best examples is the stranger chatting website that launched on March 25, 2009. If you sit on a rocket with Twitter’s veteran Veronica, you have 150,000 unique IPs in 20 days.Perhaps many people do not understand the reasons for the existence of Twitter, but do not understand why Google and Facebook has to buy Twitter, the most incomprehensible is that Twitter founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone rejected Google and Facebook offer! (Facebook $500 million offer)  Only heavy user on Twitter can really understand the impact of Twitter on their life and work, these are the earliest social media, the most experienced practitioners, follower number of them more than 1000 “push off” Basically have their own blog, this part of the people are not few. Readers who are actually using Twitter know that the main message on Twitter is to push out the novelties they see online or the titles and links of their own blog posts, and of course a small number of individual bugs Whimsical phrase. But attentive users will surely find that over 1,000 followers of pushrs must have “stuff,” and if one just keeps whining on Twitter, cursing neighbors, or keeping track of accounts, then Nobody wants to follow him or her.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS3A lot of Twitter Heavy user also follow a lot of other push off, ranging from hundreds, as many as thousands.The offshooters can always see the latest news from the very beginning, from the internet novelties website to Susuan Boyle singing the fame and then to the city government … However, the cost is also great because pushing off addicts requires a lot of investment The time to “manage”, many push customers themselves can not help but complain about a “Twitter occupy us too much time,” then, continue to Tweet … … we are Twitter love and hate ……All of the services I mentioned can be broadly classified as “social networks (SNS).” Social networking is an “service” to individuals, a web service that allows them to communicate with their old friends, maintain contact, and bring them closer together. A “service” that expands the network and makes friends with one another, These services lead us into the digital age.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS4From another perspective, “social networking (SNS)” can also be a medium, because on this network platform, countless pieces of information are filtered and spread by peoples in the network, and valuable information will be Quickly spread all over the world, worthless information will be forgotten or only get a small spread. Here’s the new term just heard in recent years: “Social Media.” Let’s take a look at Wikipedia’s standard interpretation of Social Media:At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in people people discover, read and share news, information and content. It’s a fusion of sociology and technology, transforming monologue into dialog and is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. Social media has become extremely popular because it allows people to connect in the online world to form relationships for personal and business. Businesses also refer to social media as user-generated content or consumer-generated media.According to an analysis article published by ReadWriteWeb, a technology blog site, social media is a major trend and a hot topic on the Internet in 2008. Social media is undergoing changes and 2009 will also be an important year for social media. For this reason ReadWriteWeb lists the top ten social media trends in 2009, the following is the full text:Social media is a major trend in the Internet in 2008. Whether for consumers, businesses or vendors, social media is a hot topic. Nowadays, there are not only many authorities in the field of social media, but also many start-up companies, specialized books and social media companies. In many businesses, hiring social media strategists and community managers and developing advocacy programs to leverage social media is commond.However, the application, but the real pie can only be divided into pieces.As a groundbreaking online community, Facebook has become a gathering place for third-party applications. Twitter microblogging users have also used many applications to make THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS5up for the lack of site itself. People distributed on social media maintain a variety of tools, and deciding what information to share with whom is almost an impossible task.In the users, vendors and businesses there are many disturbances. As soon as a new application appears, another application will do the same thing to help people manage it. While “eyeball economy” has always been coveted, both advertisers and funders have come to recognize that precision delivery is more rewarding than promotion.Meaning and meaning are two key elements of the survival of all social media. As people organize information and find it more difficult to network with themselves, these two elements are gradually diminished. In fact, social media is breaking through its own ceiling because it is no longer enough to meet the needs of its users. Based on these factors, we think that social media is changing.Social media is taking a new approach to providing users with a full range of experiences. We’ve detached ourselves from users, customers, and consumers: Social media brings human elements back to all digital interactions. People are getting more cautious, for example, in finding useful connections and relevant communities, or in seeking ways to express themselves.A study was conducted by Charlene Li, founder of Internet research firm Altimeter, and Josh Bernoff, a vice president at Forrester Research in the US market research firm, who introduced a new behavioral-driven model to social media. Although this is a huge leap forward, one also needs to move this theory further and closer to human needs if you want to be successful.Social media is no longer relevant to features and applications, and features and applications are worthless. People want meaningful socially relevant value. People want their social activities to be more focused and methodical.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS6Social media online and offline social media is no different, no matter what kind of platform, people will find ways to maintain their own network. These people will be tied to meaningful topics and will communicate within their own purview. In this way people are able to find relevance in the interaction.FriendFreed is a platform that gives users access to destinations and applications. Although its interface and interactivity are as bad as Wikipedia, the platform is still growing rapidly. This is because people are confused when they face communication from multiple sources, so they must be given meaning.Companies that combine beautiful design, ease of use, and searchability will be more important than other social media tools. DebSchultz, a network strategist compared social media THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS7and art shows, arguing that people all want to find their own lives in the web ecosystem on their own terms.iPhone experience for all users, businesses and developers shines. In the first quarter of fiscal 2009 alone, iPhone sales reached 4.4 million units. At the same time, Google’s Android and Palm are also working to provide cross-platform applications and services. In this new field of social media, people are looking for solutions that seamlessly switch between mobile phones, the web and real life.People will create, join, and find social networks that provide them meaningful and relevant experiences. People also measure their return on investment, the responses they receive, comments, and the impact and value of social networks.Rachel Masters, vice president of strategic relationships at social networking sites, said: “The Internet is so confusing because people can use it to replicate almost all of the past.” Ning’s social network for people allows people This problem was solved by making a selective connection. “In 2008, a 388% increase was achieved throughout the year.It is only when advertisers and their associated ecosystems really understand what exactly attracts people, looks for connections, and expresses them, and they do not lose money. The next gold mine for social networking is targeting specific people. Nuconomy, an Israeli start-up company, offers targeted, dynamic display ads.Shahar Nechmad, Nuconomy’s co-founder and CEO, believes that targeted ads delivered with Nucomony are 6 to 9 times more clickable than non-targeted ads. Ad agencies and publishers who can quickly change perceptions and create new and relevant products will be more advantageous.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS8Due to the existence of social media, people need to sort out the original endless information. Adding tags to video, archiving conversations, increasing the use of cloud computing technologies and making search results more relevant are all requirements. Companies looking for solutions to these problems will get important opportunities.There are some exceptions, and today social media users are early adopters. In the next one to two years, social media will bridge the chasm and attract more users, eventually turning itself into a mainstream application. Not only in the United States, but also in all parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries and easily accessible areas such as Brazil, Russia and Germany. Businesses need to understand the differences between different countries in order to meet unmet 2009 is a particularly serious year for marketing companies. Companies are shifting their budgets to more targeted social media and this is just the beginning.David Spark, founder of Spark, a media solutions provider, believes companies should not just advertise on Twitter messages and on Facebook pages. New positions created by social media require people to have many skills, such as engaging in activities related to social networks and aggregation platforms, while bringing together products, services and people.The next phase of social media is the opportunity to make a lot of money. With the advent of platforms and social networking new mobile devices and targeting capabilities, we’ll see more targeted and personalized ads appearing. In addition, more sharing models will be introduced among partners, and offline life will also be better integrated with online social media, such as the use of virtual products to complement real products.Social media has permanently changed the way people communicate with each other, but social media is still unable to meet all the needs of people and is bound to change course.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS9The new types of social media will create a series of “holistic products” and user experiences that run through people’s entire lives, including the Web, mobile phones and real life. Every user can create their own experiences with tools, features, and applications. People can seamlessly switch the information, and these are not subject to the location and time constraints.Creative companies will listen to these needs and deliver the relevant products based on these needs. Such a company can not only survive, but also grow in the coming years.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS10ConclusionLast but not the least, I was totally a part of today’s social media net, the best way to know it well is to participate of it, The “Big Data Age” was so interesting that everyone will join in the entire world. The reason I choose computer science was to learn and see clearly of this trend that happens in the future. For my wish is to be a network manager that controls some part of the internet. But I will visit every relative forum and get those feed backs in the first-hand news. The users was the most important part that constitute this “Media World”.THE DEVELOPEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN NOWADAYS11ReferencesChenyu, C. (2008).How social media works(Baidu), Vol#(PG.1#), 4.Bergming, O. (2010).  The Big data.. doi: Page 5http://www.Wekipedia.org