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For this assignment I am going to describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation and the purpose for each document.  In every organisation, certain department need to recruit new staff for many reason such as some employees have resigned or have been promoted or there is more work to do or certain functional areas are expanding. Firstly, the organisation will need to analyse the requirement of the job, personal qualities and necessary qualification. The purpose of this is to make the requirement clear for the potential employees. It will also help the organisation to draw up a job description and a person specification which it will use in the recruitment process.

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The first document is the job description. This is an important step when planning the recruitment process as it forms the foundation for many processes. This document will include the job title or role the person will play in the organisation e.g. sale assistant, marketing manger. the job describe will also include the location of the job, purpose of the job, list of main task required of the employee, whom the employer must report, pay and benefits. Job description is very important because it can also be a great value to employers because it can help determine how critical the job is and how the particular job relates to others and identify the characteristics needed by a new employee filling the role.


The next important recruitment document is person specification. This document may include the formal qualification. This can range from different levels or types of qualification that is appropriate to the job. The documents may also include whether the employee wants the employer to have previous training or experience. This can be working in a similar role or similar industry. Some organisation believe training and experience is very important because it would be easier for the employee to settle in and understand the work required. The person specification can also include knowledge required from the employee. This can be the knowledge of the range of product the organisation sells or service of the job. Skills or competencies, personal attributes and personal circumstance can also be mentioned in the person specification  


The next document is the contract of employment. This is made as soon as the candidate accepts the job. This can first be a verbal contract but after two months, the organisation must give the employee a written contract with the main terms and condition of his/her employment. Having a written contract can help avoid disputes since everything is mention in the written contract. There is a law which orders the organisation to mention basic information on the contract such as the name if the company and the employee, place of work, date of the job started, salary, hours of work, whether the job is permanent or temporary, part time or full time. The organisation should also mention holiday entitlement, sickness allowance, job title and discipline and grievance procedures. Theses are basic information and organisation tend to give more details. Contracts are really important because it protects the employer as it regulates the behaviour of the employee in the workplace.