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 Last expense insurance is an insurance policy that most people do not think to get. This is because it is insurance that covers costs after a person’s life has ended. Most people do not think about this period and do not want to think about it due to the common cultural beliefs that if you plan for such things, they will happen. 
The sad truth is that life does come to an end. The best way to deal with this reality is not to ignore it. On the contrary, approaching it head on makes the reality easier for both the individual as well as their family and friends. Burial expenses are quite high and this insurance spares your loved ones the tragedy of having to deal with such thoughts and troubles when they are already going through a difficult period. 
Medical Insurance is also an important insurance to acquire. This is the insurance policy that can help an individual before they need last expense insurance. In fact, health insurance can prolong the need for last expense altogether. This is due to the fact that a person can seek medical assistance and receive it immediately because they are insured and do not have to worry about payment. This can help stop any ailments or take care of any injuries that could have been critical if left unattended. 
Insurance in Kenya is becoming more popular as time goes by, however, it is still not something that everyone has. Most people do not get it because they think it is expensive. The reality of the situation is that not having insurance is very expensive. It is very possible to get affordable insurance that will cater to your medical needs and have you and your family worrying less about going to see a doctor. 
Medical insurance should be backed up with last expense insurance. This covers costs of a funeral or burial after a death has occurred. Anyone who has experienced loss knows how hard it can be. Manuela, a 17-year-old girl lost her parents in a car accident. The grief she experienced was so much that she was unable to do anything for a couple of months. Luckily for this young girl, her parents had insured everything. They had life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and last expense insurance. These policies kept Manuela safe and financially protected through and beyond the hardest thing she ever had to go through. As a 25-year-old lady, she says she would not be where she is if her parents had not thought of her even after they were gone. 
This story magnifies how important last expense insurance is. Last expense insurance is also paid out quickly. This means that costs of the funeral are paid fast and the process can be over quicker than it would be if funds were unavailable. This speedy insurance allows for a smooth planning of the service as well as not having the family contemplate over issues like prices of something which would only exasperate their grief. This insurance is advantageous to the individual that takes it out because it allows them to protect their family and help them through the hurdle even when they are not physically there to do it themselves.
Kenyan Alliance Insurance offers a policy known as Group Last Expense Assurance which is a policy that provides benefits to the dependents of deceased to cater for the burial expenses. This policy can be taken out by all members of the family in order to ensure that everyone is protected at all times. To find out more, click (insert link here). Kenya Alliance looks out for you and your family through it all. 

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