p.p1 metric system in as our system of measurement.

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The metric system is a system of measurement that is agreed on around the world. The metric system was a result of a French revolution. The french government worked to make a system of measurement that would not be confusing. The french first introduced the system in 1799. When it was first established it was more simple than it is now. Now it is established into many different units besides meters and kilograms. The metric system was first adopted into the United States in 1866. But even now, The United States has not fully taken the metric system in as our system of measurement. 

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The metric system has a base unit for the different types of measurement such as length or mass. Common ones are meter, gram, and liter. Length is measured in meters, weight is measured in grams, and volume is measured in liters.The different sizes or or volumes are measured and stated in multiples of ten. The multiples are ten are expressed by adding a prefix to the base unit. A kilo is one thousand centi is one hundred and milli is one thousand. Some of the prefixes used are derived from the Greek and Latin languages. These prefixes are used commonly when measuring very large or small objects.One example of this is when measuring your weight you would use kilograms instead of grams. Grams would be used to measure objects of less weight such as a bag of chocolate chips. 

The metric system is a decimal based system. Units are converted from a single unit to a multiple unit by moving the decimal place. As stated above the metric system is based on multiples of ten so one can move the decimal place to the left in order to convert to a larger unit. When converting to a smaller unit one would move the decimal to the right. The decimal system has a base of ten and therefore is easily used to express a metric measurement. The kilo, centi, and milli are all multiples of ten.

Today, The United States has not fully adopted the metric system. After the revolutionary war, the country did not have a standard system of measurement. George Washington as president argued for a standard system. In 1875, The U.S established the use of metric weights and measures in international commerce. In 1975, Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act. Several people agree that it would have been easier to get people in the U.S to use the metric system if we had used it from the start. Now, people have to be convinced that it should be used in their everyday lives. Packaging such as a bottle of water often lists the volume in milliliters. Recipes will often list measurements of flour or sugar in grams as well as in cups. Most people in the U.S are used to the customary system that uses feet, quarts, and ounces. It will require a lot of practice to get the majority of people used to using the metric system, much like learning a new language.