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While homework can be too much stress, it shouldn’t necessarily be banned because it refreshes the mind among other things such as helping students understand the curriculum better as well as having an alternate studying method by reviewing what you learn in school which is incorporated in the homework that is given to you. 
There is a lot of misconception about homework in todays society but the honest truth is that homework reinforces the skills that students have learned. ” Homework expands upon what is done during the day in the classroom. Your overall educational experience is better, because homework helps you to gain and retain more knowledge than would be possible with only classroom work. As you learn more, you know more and you achieve more and you have homework to thank.” Says “wonderopolis.org”
Homework can push you to become a better student in a lot of different ways. First of all, homework that is given in advance of a particular subject can help you maximize your time during a class discussion. Homework also gives you very useful practice with what you’ve learned in the classroom. Often the time that is given to you for learning something new in the classroom is not enough. This is why repeating and reviewing classroom concepts at home helps to secure the things you’ve learned in the mind. 
There are quite a lot of benefits that homework has on your own personal life from responsibility to organization as well as prioritization. Homework is a very important and valuable element of learning. This teaches the students important life skills that they will need to apply even when they become working adults, especially time management, prioritizing work, plus responsibility and self-discipline. By doing homework , students will start to develop time management. Students will setting apart their time for completing their homework. Through this, these students will have the ability to learn the values of self-discipline as they try to refrain themselves from any type of distracting activity such as video games until they have completed their tasks. These students will also develop a high sense of responsibility by knowing that they need to finish homework in time and contribute to group work or projects. If teachers were not to give homework at all in school, when students enter the working life, they will not be adapted to the heavy work that they will be given nor will they meet certain deadlines set by their bosses. Homework teaches lessons far beyond what is taught in the classroom. It creates a connection between school and home. It allows students to practice the skills they learn during school hours. This helps the student maintain the knowledge gained during the day rather than school being a boring pointless waste of time because the curriculum was not learned or remembered.
          In addition, the number of hours we spend in school is only just a few , which is most likely insufficient time for the teachers to properly cover the curriculum that students need to study. This is why some students may not fully understand the topics that the teachers taught in school and they might have problems learning well and coping with the curriculum. Setting homework and assignments extends the student’s study beyond what they learn in school and allows for a wider and more deeper understanding of what is being taught. With homework, school hours are also put to good use. This is because teachers spend their time teaching well instead of giving the students class work to do, and students can avoid distractions from others when they attempt their work at home. They can also catch up on missed classes assignments by doing homework. Homework is very useful in informing teachers of the students weaknesses in certain topics, giving them a chance to improve and acquire new skills.
Homework provides students with sufficient practice for what they have learned in school so that they can build a good foundation for the curriculum. With a good base foundation of the topic, these students can progress better in school and achieve better results on their tests and exams. It also lets students revise what they are being taught. If teachers were to assign no homework , most students would not listen in class. They would not bother about studying or reviewing what they have learned and this is definitely not beneficial to the student. Having homework keeps the student busy that way there is a balance between free time and study time. If there is too much spare time, students would only use their time to have fun or on other non productive things, go out with friends or have nothing to do instead of studying.
Having homework also lets students go over the topic and even explore new things about the curriculum themselves which leads to new knowledge or information that is not being taught in a regular class. They will also learn how to use certain resources such as the internet or library to be able to research information to aid them in their assignments. Through this students can gain additional knowledge outside school hours and be able to apply them in future circumstances.
Despite the fact that homework teaches you valuable life lessons and materials that you will use in your daily lives you must take other things in account such as parental involvement. Homework creates a bond between both the student and the parent. Research concludes , “A analysis of 14 studies that manipulated parent training for homework involvement reveals that training parents to be involved in their child’s homework results in (a) higher rates of homework completion, (b) fewer homework problems.” ( Review of educational research).
However , I agree that homework should not be given to an extent that students have no time at all for their activities and end up deprived of their sleep. Too much homework can increase the stress of students and lead to less sleep,  this can affect their mental health greatly. “Hence, homework should only be given to a moderate extent, not totally eliminated, as it does help students in their learning.” (Review of educational research)
Thus, homework is indeed very beneficial to students as it can affect one’s learning and academics , as well as even his or her future. Self-study is one of the most important steps in understanding and learning material. Homework allows students to practice what they were taught in class. It also gives them discipline and responsibility. Listening to the teacher in class is not enough, in order to achieve your goals and become a successful person you need to practice and learn how to work on your own. No matter how much one hates the idea of homework, I believe homework is a necessary part of a student’s life and should not be taken away from his or her duties.

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