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Film stars have always fascinated people.  However, the star studies came later with sociology being the first discipline to approach and produce important works of stardom especially after the 1950s. Among the first works to address the cultural and ideological implications from sociological and philosophical points is The Powerless Elite. These early works set the stage for encompassing the stars in academic film studies as discursive information, historical entity and cultural commodity. This paper examines the star studies as a theoretical approach to the study of films.
A star is a real person with exceptional qualities. It is widely agreed that stars are sites of mediation which are historically situated and epitomised by film stars. According to star theorist, stardom concept involves the duality between character and the actor.   They are important because they act on life aspects which are important to us which articulate the meaning of our individuality in the contemporary world. They must, therefore, touch on a deep and constant feature of human existence even if these features do not exist outside the specific context of culture and history. Essentially, they present the difficulty and promise that the notion of individuality. A star can also be said to be a person and a public performer of roles. They merge the roles they play with their real person and we come to know them through this roles and characteristics such as looks and gesture. They at times represent the real person significant elements. For instance, in the Movie River of No Return, Matt Calder is a widower who is released after killing a person in so that he can defend another. Stars become a sign of or signifier of qualities such as sexuality and gender.
It is very easy to point out a star in a film. The following elements by Richard Dire can help identify the star. First, it is the promotion which is the information film producers give out about the star such as where they come from. Next, it is the publicity which comprises of information from interviews, magazines and the media as a whole and also roles made to bring out the star qualities in films. Lastly, it is the criticisms and the commentary which, essentially, gives the value of the star. Their images are intersexuality product where the film text interacts with the non-filmic texts of critics, publicity and promotion. For example, the scene in the movie where Mitchum tries to rape Monroe is odd (Kay). Critics would argue that Mitchum character doesn’t try to rape Monroe simply because she is very nice just a moment before. In addition, the fact that his son was just a mall distance from where they were just makes one think he wouldn’t actually rape her. One is persuaded to think that working as a saloon singer has made her exposed to such acts. Usually, the star’s image anchors the image of a single person. 
Stars can be studied as texts where series of signs which carry a particular ideological meaning from images. Through the semiotic approach, we can analyse the signs which construct the star image by studying the differences between stars. Stars should not only be viewed as industry manipulation issue but as a product of certain ideological processes and cultural identity constructions. The star image is not a pure expression of their personality; it is a construct which is deployed by the actual performers. Stars appeal lies in the way their images can resolve ideological contradictions, For instance, Mitchum acts as a father to mark although they don’t have a connection and they rarely speak save for the last part of the movie. It is contradictory because they ought to have that father-son bond. The stars personal must always bring meaning and interest. The focus is on authenticity in the modern stars which encourage the links between the character roles in spectators mind the real person. These spectators are presented with stardom paradox where the star seems accessible and knowledgeable in with extraordinary characters only attainable in desire and fantasy world of the spectators.
Hollywood stars contain a more general ideology; individualism. Through the stars, the culture perpetuates its myth such female beauty and masculine heroism by a perfect embodiment of characteristics. The stars provide a very powerful ideological reinforcement in a unique individual identity through the image. The star is always absent from the actual spectator location although the presence is brought through cinematic images. This is because the stars are view as an object of admiration. Star performances are actually social construction. Similarly, Gender performances and femininity are also social constructs. The stars have a production value in the sense that they bring unique values in the in the film which are used to achieve the overall effect and meaning of the film. The star value is based on his image and persona. Moviegoers value behaviour  and personality of the star where they see the star’s confidence and power as providing a positive role model. They wish to become more like a star by overcoming the difference between themselves and star. 
Stars can also be viewed as a capital value in that they help film industry generate more audience. This, in turn, generates more money for themselves and big profits for the studios. Stars have a direct capital value. Stars are constructs in that while they are primarily constructed by the film industry, they are agents in their rights and they participate in creating myths which hang around them. They also function as a cultural value where they act as signs of changing the cultural value. They personify roles in ascertaining perceives personality.

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There is, however, theoretical disagreement concerning stardom which primarily manifests itself in the on whether the star functions as a complex structure or as a complex structured image. Some theorists argue that stars function by mediating specific concept into a certain group acting as signifiers. When they acct as signifiers they mediate a single specifiable meaning. In the film River of No Return, Matt Calder is portrayed as a brave man. This is because of how he cares for singer Kay and his son Mark when they encounter tribulations such the lion attack and the second Indian war party. Other theorists argue that stars star functions as a complex structured image. The star’s image contains multiple meaning and effects which are structured that, some meanings are displaced. These two theories, however, ignore what stars do and only concentrate on what stars mean.
About Marilyn Monroe was written a lot, has been said a lot, and yet her life remains mystery. Not only is her death wrapped in mystery, but her personality and her life are less well known to the general public. The sex-symbol image created by the great American movie studios has inspired millions of fans and has been so well publicised that the life and career of the actress have been heavily influenced, its roles being linked to the pretty, naive, who was wondering how her white dress is waved and lifted by the ventilated air coming from a ventilation duct.
Marilyn’s life is double, she lives like a sex symbol in the spotlight, and in privacy she is torn by loneliness and sadness. She begins to be addicted to sleeping pills, and at the end of his career she lingers for hours and sometimes, she can not get out of bed to get to the filming platform.
Though the audience knows only the shining star in her, not her true personality, Marilyn has touched her as her own definition: “I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else. ” In relation to her talent, the actress is shocking with honesty and says at one point: “I never made any delusions about being a great actress. I knew I was a third-hand actress.” I could actually feel my lack of talent, as if it were cheap clothes I was wearing inside. But, my God, how I wanted to learn, to change, to improve! ”
Marilyn’s style is imperishable, she is the symbol of eternal femininity. Blonde platinum hair, long and black lashes, her kidnapping smile, are already imprinted not only on various clothing items that can be worn at the moment, but also in world cinema culture.