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Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who created the “Hierarchy of needs” theory of motivation where Maslow believes that individuals are motivated by unsatisfied needs, and that lower needs need to be satisfied prior to achieving any higher needs. Maslow’s hierarchy looks like a pyramid that focuses on five basic steps. Starting from the bottom, the first level of the pyramid are physiological needs such as drink, shelter, warmth, food, sex, sleep, and air. These needs at the bottom of the pyramid are basic physical requirements that needs to be met before individuals can move onto the next, second level of needs which are safety and security. Safety needs include protection from elements, order, law, stability, security, and freedom from fear. When these needs have been satisfied or met, the individual can reach the next third level which is love and belongingness needs. Love and belongingness needs include friendships, trust, intimacy, acceptance, receiving and giving affection and love, and being a part of a group like family, work, or friends. Once satisfied, it moves onto the fourth level. The fourth level are esteem needs which Maslow classified into two categories: esteem for oneself and the desire for reputation or respect form others. Esteem for oneself focuses on dignity, achievement, independence, or mastery. The desire for reputation or respect form others on the other hand include prestige and status. The need for respect or reputation is most important for children and adolescents and precedes real self-esteem or dignity. When all the lower needs have been met, they can move onto the highest level which is the fifth level. The fifth level are self-actualization needs which are the desire to become the most that can be.  This level includes self-fulfillment, realizing personal potential, seeking personal growth, and peak experiences. 
Maslow’s theory of motivation might influence us in a good way by guiding those individuals that seem to have everything they need but are still unhappy. The hierarchy would suggest that they might have met their basic needs but their high-levels need have not been met. Maslow’s theory could also be used as a guide if an individual is down but they are not exactly sure why. Perhaps skimming through the different levels of needs can help them find what they are missing. For instance they could feel the need to catch up with friends and feel a sense of social belonging. 

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I think that I have met all my physiological needs that are needed that deal with the maintenance of the human body and is key to survival. These needs include water, food, sleep, air, shelter, and warmth. Having met these instinctive needs, I was able to move onto the second level of safety and security needs in which I believe I also attain. Safety and security needs keep us safe and away from harm. This includes shelter, security, law & order, health, and safe environments. Having satisfied my basic physiological and security needs, I believe that I am currently on the third level of love and belonging. I think that this the level I am at as I am working on my current social needs to advance my tribal nature. My needs for healthy relationships, belonging, and companionship are something I am currently working on and trying to achieve. I haven’t had many successful and fulfilling relationships that would imply acceptance by others. In fact, what I have experienced so far especially in high school is the complete opposite. Most of the times you need to mold and modify yourself in order to fit in and in order to be accepted by others or you would be classified as weird. As of now, I’m trying to build relationships with the new people I have met and deepening my relationship with my family. 
At one point in my life, I used to be at the fourth level of the hierarchy which are esteem needs. Beginning of last year I have developed positive feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. I was very insecure about my body and started going to the gym. I made lifestyle changes and prioritized myself over others first. I worked out, ate great, and felt alive and healthy. I was very proud of myself and took pride in my work of transforming from an unhealthy teenager to a healthier, and happier one. I also did booklets from a secondary school in which I excelled at. The achievement of getting a high grade boosted my self-worth and self-esteem. Although everything was great, sometimes life knocks you down. Sooner or later I encountered many relationship issues that lead to relationship failures. I encountered broken friendships and broken hearts. These events eventually affected my self-value and self-esteem. I had very little social support when I was going through these issues. I felt like I wasn’t accepted by those that originally accepted me for who I am. I also felt like my life took a turn for the worse because I spent all those years building a deeper relationship with people only to have them throw it away. After months of crying though, I realized that people come and go. Moreover, now I seek for love and belonging hoping I can build fulfilling relationships with good people.