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     Nowadays,violent video games is the most popular game among children,and it is considered the most preferred type of game..Because of this growing popularity, parents concerns has increased.Especially after the shooting incident that happened in Sparks middle school, which was committed by a boy who happens to be a player of violent video games(John M.Glionna,2014).Most research by experts on the effect of video games has been focusing only on the negative side such as violence, addiction and depression.On the other hand, other experts argued that we to need to have a more balanced view on the issue that doesn’t only focus on the negative effects of playing video games but also the benefits of it. Even though some research points out that playing video games makes one violent, it has some positive aspects such as improving social skills and encouraging teamwork.

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summary article 1:

         Published studies on the effect of video games on children.In the article”Violent Video Games Don’t Make Kids Violent”Villines(2015), the author mentioned a study where they interviewed 200 children between the age of 10 to 11 years old, and asked them about their habits of playing video games.They found that two-thirds of the children play video games everyday , and 10% said that they play more than three hours a day.The result was that children who played less than three hours a day were less aggressive and had a higher academic engagement than those who didn’t play at all.However,children who played more than three hours each day were found to be more aggressive and scored lower in their academic engagement.The author concluded that it is not about the quality or type of game, it is about the quantity or the amount of time children spend that affects them, and that when you control the amount of time he spends playing video games, it can be beneficial for him(Villines,2015).To evaluate the article,the study is very interesting, and it shows a balanced perspective on the issue.It explains that even though playing video games have several benefits on kids, it can also cause negative effects if they spend unlimited time playing it.To me, it is convincing because it shows both sides of the issue, the positive and negative effects.

summary article 2:

    According to the article”Video Games Don’t Cause Psychological Harm in Children”Barshay(2016), revealed a study published in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology which was conducted by 13 researchers.They made an experiment on 3000 children from the age of 6 to 11 years in which they analysed their playing habits.They found that  children who played at least five hours each week had less psychological problems than those who didn’t play.The result was that they did not find any relation between children’s mental health problems and playing video games.They also mentioned that the idea that kids who play video games are isolated or less sociable is no longer true,and what we are seeing today is that kids who play video games is more social.However,they are not suggesting that parents should let their kids play unlimited video games(Bershay,2016).To comment on the writer’s research,the study was believable and convincing because it was conducted on 3000 children .They also conducted it on children from different countries.However, i think it would be more interesting if they specified the type of video games that can help in making children more sociable and less isolated.

summery article 3:

      According to the article “The Benefits of Playing Video Games”Granic, Lobel, and Engels
(2014), playing video games can develop children’s  learning and cognitive skills.Such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception skills.According to several studies reviewed in the article,they found that playing shooter video games(often called violent games by researchers),improved player’s ability to think about an object in three dimensions, in the same way of the academic courses that help in improving or enhancing this skill.This way of thinking was not enhanced in players who played other types of video games, such as strategic video games.However,they revealed that strategic video games for example, puzzles or role-playing games can improve other skills.They found that the more children played strategic video games,the more they improved in problem solving and school grades(Granic, Lobel, and Engels
,2014,p69)To analyse the writers’ thoughts,the studies they conducted are effective because it tells us how to improve each skill by using which type of video game.It also explains their point of view in a simple way using simple language that can be understood by any reader.

Summery article 4:

In the article”Effect of Video Games on Child Development”Hughes(2014),playing video games can increase aggression in children,make them isolated and cause obesity.The author revealed a study which shows the increase of aggression in children who played violent video games, and those who did not play at all.The result was that children who played violent video games had a higher heart rate and more aggressive thoughts.The author also argued that by spending more time on video games children are losing their social skills,and they are less likely to meet new people  and make friends.Lastly,the author argued that one of the main cause of obesity in children is the amount of time they spend on video games.By spending more time on video games ,children are less likely to participate in physical activities that can help in keeping them fit and healthy.To evaluate the article,the result of the first study does not show clear evidence that violent video games increase aggression in children.It also does not directly show if aggression actually increases in the experiment.In addition to that,the author’s claim that video games cause obesity in children is not entirely true.Especially after the improvement of technology,today many video games involve physical activities that can actually help in decreasing the number of obese children.

       Although many research points out that playing makes children socially isolated, It can improve their social skills.In recent years, online gaming has become popular among children.These games allows gamers to play online with their friends even if they were in different areas.They can also play and meet new friends online from different countries.As a result ,children will gain and improve social skills by knowing how to interact with people from different countries and cultures and make new friends.

       Apart from that , video games can encourage teamwork behaviour in children.In the world of video games,teamwork is important to finish many tasks and win the game over the other teams.Teams that have better teamwork and organizational skills can easily win the game. 
Video games can teach children to be collaborative and cooperative within their team or group in order to reach the goal of the game,It can also teach children organizational and strategic skills.


       Some parents argued that video games can lead to violent behaviour.They also argued that interacting with strangers online is dangerous.Their main argument was that some shooting incidents was committed by teenagers who happens to be players of video games.However,we can’t put the blame of violence on video games.If one person out of 1000 people who play video games committed a violent act,this doesn’t mean that the reason is videogame .According to a study I conducted in PSU on 30 students,when I asked them if children around them acquired violent behavior when they started playing video games,90% said no.
        In conclusion,players are gaming online together crossing geographical distances and blurring not only cultural boundaries but also age and generation gaps, and language barriers.We should ask ourselves do the disadvantages exceed the benefits of video games?based on the evidence listed previously the answer is no.Since children already spend time on video games,we should use it as a tool to build up skills and values in our kids instead of trying to prevent them from playing it.