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“Dogs are the biggest culprits, causing 88 percent of the injures”.Yes I’ve been there I understand what it’s like to be injured by a dog. But those can’t be the moments we focus on, dog’s have a huge impact on making us better people and we only pay attention to their mistakes.
Approximately 68 percent of adults in america are overweight. We have all heard about the overweight problem in america, dogs can help the situation. They keep you active not only by taking them on walks and playing fetch with them, but also the little things we don’t always  realize like filling up their water and food bowls and letting them out and inside. Activity not only improves your lifespan and body health but also improves your mental health. These all add up and can make a big improvement in making you a better person.
Socialization is a huge part to success with the life we live today, jobs are looking for people that work well with others and can communicate well to bring up new ideas. Dogs improve socialization in ways we don’t realize. When taking your dog on a walk they might walk up to a stranger. Most people don’t just stand there they would say hello, or sorry, and the conversation goes on. Maybe continuing to talk about what kind of dog it is, how old, girl or boy. Or it could even be the other way around a different dog could walk up to you. Either way it helps with socialization. These little conversations add up to make a big difference even as kids. The more comfortable you get in a conversation the better.
We are always told to be happy and surround yourself around happy people but that can be challenging sometimes. Having a dog tends to make people happier and more trusting compared to those who don’t have a dog. Playing with your dog causes your serotonin levels and dopamine levels to rise, these reactions cause lowering cortisol also known as the “stress hormone”, which gives people less anxiety creating happier people. Research has also proved that petting a dog helps you relax and your level of stress decrease. Why hold off on being a better person when it can be as simple as petting a dog?
There many ways to become a better person. But some of those ways change who you are, try a way where you will only get a good change. Try having a fun, fuzzy, loving friend.

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