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winner La La Land is an American
musical romantic comedy film, directed by Damien Chazelle. The film tells the
story of jazz musician Sebastian Wilder and aspiring actress Mia Dolan when
they meet in Los Angeles in their pursuit of their dreams. La La Land received positive reviews from both professional movie
critics and audience, for its exuberant scores and choreography, its romantic
atmosphere and captivating visuals.

La La Land impresses me mostly for its majestical scenes
and its beautiful underlying message about love and dreams. Mia is a waitress
working in a small coffee shop on one Hollywood lot. She indulges herself in
her aspiration of becoming an actress, despite continuous failures in many of
her castings. Sebastian is a frustrated jazz musician who is unwillingly
playing Christmas carols in a restaurant as required by his boss. Seb also has
a dream, he wants to open his own jazz club, with real jazz music. Seb and Mia
meet by accident multiple times, and eventually become romantically attracted
to each other. They inspire each other to pursue their passions, but when Seb
starts to play in a new jazz band called The
Messengers, both have problems compromising and prioritizing. Mia goes back
to her hometown after her unsuccessful self-written play and her argument with
Seb about the current situation of their relationship. Then Mia gets a casting
call for a movie that takes place in Paris, from there the couple part ways,
claiming they will always love each other. The film fast-forwards to five years
later when Mia is now a famous Hollywood actress. She is married, but not to
Sebastian. After a sequence of dreamy and romantic plot development, La La Land hits the audience with a
heartbreaking truth. The film ends with Mia meeting Seb in Seb’s jazz club. In
this ending scene, Mia and Seb contemplate about what their life together in
the last five years can have been like while Seb plays Mia and Sebastian’s Theme. When the song ends, they come back to
reality, Mia walks out of the club and gives Seb one last look with a smile on
her face. The ending of this film was what kept many viewers deep in thought
when they walked out of the cinema. It is not a sad ending, it is just
realistic. Mia and Seb smile when they see each other because although they
have gone separate ways, they still share the same happy memory. They respect
the other person’s decision and they cherish their time together. This ending
may be heartbreaking, but as moviegoers, many people can relate to La La Land on a certain level, for it is
not an unreal and cliché love story like many romantic films in our times. The
film’s message lies in its ending: Chasing your dream is the most important
part of your life, but it requires sacrifice. According to New York Times, ‘the real tension
in La La Land is between ambition and
love, and perhaps the most up-to-date thing about it is the way it explores
that ancient conflict’.

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Overall, La La Land succeeds both as a dreamy fantasy and a rationally realistic story, a romantic comedy and a colorful melodrama. The film’s charm lies
in its vintage colors, thoroughly composed songs and dazzling choreography. La La Land is one of the best movies I saw in 2016, it is a celebration of
20th-century movements. The film
offers a warming, reviving
sense of magic and hope in the world, the perfect escape from all the turbulence of the present.