Oros orifice at a rate, which is precisely controlled,

Oros Colon Targeting: Components 1.    
Semipermeable membrane 2.    
Hard gelatin capsule Working    This has one osmotic
agent or it comprises of
as many as 5 to
si6 push pull osmotic unit occupied in a hard
gelatin capsule. After next in
association with the aqueous surroundings, gelatin capsule dissolved (liquefy) and the enteric coating
avoids entry of extracts from stomach to the
system, when system permit into the small intestine the enteric coating dissolves and water is absorbed into the core thus affecting the push compartment to swell. At the same time flow-able gel is formed in the
drug compartment, which is pushed out of the orifice at a rate, which is precisely controlled, by the rate of water transport crossways the semi permeable membrane Advantage    It is used as a one or two
times a day formulation for site exact delivery of drugs to the colon.       Monolithic
osmotic system: Components 1.     Polymer matrix capsule 2.     Semi permeable membrane  Functioning It consists of a simple dispersion of water-soluble species in a polymer matrix .When the
system approaches across
with the aqueous environment water imbibition by the active agent’s
results in distortion of the polymer matrix capsule encapsulating the
drug this supplying it to
the outside environment. Mostly this method proceeds at
the external environment of the polymeric matrix, but
slowly leads towards the inside of the matrix in a
sequential manner, but this system is not succeeded if more than 20 –30 volumes per liter of the active agents are joint in to the device cross this level, significant contribution from the simple discharge of the
substance take place
    Osmotic Matrix Tablet (OSMAT): Components
1.     Hydrophilic polymer 2.     Gel
in aqueous media creating semi permeable
Working This type of
system employs the swellings property of hydrophilic polymer, which swells and gels in aqueous medium making a semipermeable membrane in situ. The speed of drug delivery from this system is affected by the insertion of osmogent with
a matrix delivery of drug from OSMAT don’t rely on agitation & is low
cost method.   Evaluation aspects of osmotic
DDS Ø Powder evaluation Weight
Bulk density Tapped density Carr’s index Angle of repose Ø Tablet evaluation
Content uniformity Hardness Thickness Friability Effect of Ph. Stability
studies Dissolution Disintegration