Organizational where the concepts we will learn in this

Organizational Behavior is the study of human
behavior within an organization, and humans are what comprise the workforce.

Therefore, organizational behavior is a transitional study, central to every
job. Currently, I am unsure of the exact career path I hope to take in the
future; therefore, I believe that studying organizational behavior will give me
greater flexibility for jobs and career choices. Even from my internship this
past summer, I already can see where the concepts we will learn in this class
can apply to everyday work in an office. I hope to leave this course having a
better understanding of organizational dynamics in the work place, as well as
the capacity to be a leader in a variety of roles. Effective leadership skills
are important to any company. Businesses excel when their employees are led
effectively and are motivated to work their hardest. I believe that this course
will provide me with a foundation for effective management and leadership,
which will give me a competitive advantage against other employees and
applicants as I will have learned about motivation, communication, leadership,
and organization, all essential concepts to any business. I also wanted to gain
an understanding of basic business concepts as I hope to apply and be accepted
to the CSOM Management and Leadership minor.

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Additionally, in whatever I end up
pursuing, I want it to be something I am passionate about so that I am happy at
my job. I hope to better understand performance in the workplace, specifically
team performance, to improve my relationships with my coworkers and create an
overall, healthy and productive work environment, translating to higher job satisfaction.