Operation were placed a large garrison. During the occupation,

“Cottage” is an operation by the US Army to liberate the island during World
War II. It was held from 15 to 24 August 1943. Despite the fact that all
Japanese troops left the island before the operation, 1allied forces suffered over
313 casualties in total during the operation, due to stray Japanese mines,
friendly fire incidents, and battlefield combat.

island of Kiska under Japanese occupation since the summer of 1942, when
Japanese Marines landed on the island and destroyed the weather station of the
American fleet. According to the intelligence officer of the US intelligence,
about 10 thousand people on the island were placed a large garrison. During the
occupation, the Japanese lost 2.5 thousand people on the island and in the

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capture of the Kiska must be established in the Aleutian campaign, and the
American command, remembering the bloody battle for Atta, planned to land the
last forces. In the Adak area, more than 100 ships were concentrated, the
landing force was 30,000 US infantry and 5,500 Canadian infantries. In addition,
since the end of July, Kiska has been subjected to air raids and shelling from
the sea, in total during July, the 11th Air Army (USA) dropped 424 tons of
bombs on the island, and ship artillery fired 330 tons of shells.

13 was a training landing for Adak. The operation was scheduled for August 15.

in the morning of August 15, the first group of US troops landed on the west
bank, on August 16, the Canadians landed north of it. However, no one
interfered in the landing, but the veterans of the Battle of Atta were not
surprised. The Americans expected that only advance into the interior of the
island would face the defensive positions of the Japanese on the dominant
heights. However, without resistance and were not the only victims of
paratroopers were losses from friendly fire.

turned out that the Japanese commanded a conscious impossibility to protect an
almost isolated island, decided to evacuate the garrison. 2July 28, two weeks before
the landing of the Americans, the entire garrison in the number of 5183 people
for an hour sank on 2 cruisers and 6 destroyers and under cover of fog was

August 24, Army Commander General Charles Corlett said that the island was
controlled by the United States.

the island’s verification (including a number of underground tunnels), the
Allies 3lost 32 people (28
Americans and 4 Canadians) and about 120 wounded, mostly from “friendly” fire;
130 soldiers suffered from a trench foot. In addition, with the submarine on
the Japanese mines of the destroyer “Abner Reed” 71 died and 47
sailors were injured. 191 people were missing during a two-day stay on the
island. Presumably, they died because of “friendly fire”, mines and
traps. Witnesses confirmed the death of four more servicemen from mines and

my opinion, I believe that the Americans were supposed to send some scouts to intelligence
on the island before landing of the troops and also to become more attentive
when the island is under examination.

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