Online Zhu, Nah, and Zhao (2003) suggested perceived usefulness

Online customers expect easy site navigation and easily accessible information. Therefore, search engines providing fast and reliable results helping customers to quickly locate information in the site, must be part of every well-designed commercial website. Harridge-March (2006) and Yoon (2002) asserted that ease of navigation on the website is strongly connected with trust.  Cyr (2008) advocated that if the customer cannot  easily find the information that he needs in order to make a purchase, it is more likely to leave without making a purchase.          A website that provides easy and effective navigation is a key to increased consumer trust in the sellers and their websites. Zhu, Nah, and Zhao (2003) suggested perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use be the antecedents of mobile-trust. Bedi and Banati (2006) highlighted the trend of increased web usage in travel and tourism industry and their research focused on variables affecting trust on three airline websites. Search facility and page scrolling were a part of the variables scrutinized in the above study.     In the domain of e-commerce and web search, query suggestion is an important supportive tool that helps both focused and exploratory visitors. For focused visitors, it enables them to reformulate their query appropriately so that the desired object item or a web page can be retrieved quickly. For exploratory visitors, it provides a means for revelation. As visitors search for items with an intention to purchase, receiving a query suggestion for which there is no inventory this may have a negative monetary impact. This often happens with items and their associated queries that are popular for a brief span of time (M. Al Hasan, N. Parikh, G. Singh, & N. Sundaresan (2011). Further, making an exploratory or random query suggestion to a focused user might have an adverse effect on the his/her commitment to purchase. Therefore,  searching of products and services that are suitable and convenient for the user will increase the confidence in the minds of the customer to engage in long term relations with those websites, thereby establishing trust between consumer and the firm (Choudhury, Musfiq Mannan 2008 ).