One War Two with a plot based off love,

One of the most beloved Hollywood
films Casablanca opens in theaters in 1942. It stared Humphry Bogart and Ingrid
Bergman which became a generational classic. That many still love today. The
story takes place smack dead in the middle of World War Two with a plot based
off love, self-sacrifice and freedom. The film is beloved by all and ever today
lines are still being said as if the movie was just aired days ago. For example,
“Here’s looking at you kid” is still used today in various different
conversation in all different nationalities. Play it again Sam became extremely
popular and movies forty years later even tried to emulate it or pay homage.

Films such as Cobo Blanco 1982, and the animated Bugs Bunny short Carrotblanca
1995. Many other films used the line and through history it has stayed in our
minds and hearts.

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of the major roles the film played was the effect it had on Americans
perception of World War Two. At the time in 1942 America was toying with the
idea of entering the war. The film symbolized this through the American
character whom seem to have no real commitment. To fighting the war or being involved
period. Casablanca tapped into Americans emotions upon it’s release, the movie
played a role in waking up Americans and showing them the pollical value.

Intervention could have not only in the forties but also in the near future. Casablanca
received best picture, best screen play, and best director. Also for it’s
timely impact that it had on the war the film also received the academy awards

not only played a major role in the war, but also created a new Hollywood hero.

Some call it the “rebel hero”. Which became beloved by many. Bogart’s
Influential role became Hollywood’s first rebel hero. It went on to change many
things because Bogart’s role comes out of a different world and is looked at as
a liberating figure in the war. Ricky went on to become one of the most beloved
hero’s in American film. His role transcended the film and projected onto
Americans to create a new type of American hero. The film is great because in a
time of war and poverty one film played a major role in helping Americans see
that they could no longer stand idle and watch the crimes the Germen Empire was
committing. It took a life of its own and created a generational dialog that
many still use today. Casablanca is a perfect film because it takes a stance against
the wrong doings of the war, but also creates a love triangle while showing
honor and self-sacrifice. It symbolizes the machoism of America but also shows
the softer, kinder side our country has. Casablanca transcended the screen and
even affected the rebellion nature of the youth in the 1960. They adopted the
message from the film that there was a secrete stamp of approval for

film is note worthy because of it’s social History. Casablanca as I stated
before created the first Hollywood “rebel hero” but it also created a porotype
American hero. One that symbolized the honor of a man that would give up what
he loved for the greater good, of mankind. It also had a major role in the
pollical aspect of American involvement in foreign affairs. Before the film
Americans didn’t really feel as though their involvement was needed in the war.

which was symbolized. By the main character in the film. He continues to state
in the film that he wanted nothing to do with helping the Germans enemies
escape. He seemed to have mixed feelings on the war he knew it was wrong but
didn’t want to get involved due to his own possible capture. Dialoged plays a
major role in today society from the film “Here’s looking At You Kid” is a
world-renowned line and “Play It Again Sam” has been used in films through out
generation. Its even became a popular song. 

the movie is an American classic. Perhaps the most beloved and influential part
of the film. Comes from the dialog of the film. Some of the most famous lines
such as “we’ll always have Paris” which was sad with so much love but had a
stern tone to it. That let the audience know he was officially letting her go
forever. Another line that is still heavily used today “round up the usual
suspects” which is said through out almost every crime film and drama
especially in law in order; and how can we forget “hears looking at you kid”
which is one of the most beloved lines of all time. Casablanca will forever be
noteworthy film for the very fact that it played to our hearts and patriotism.

It drew the line between love and the right thing to do, and seems to make you
pick a side. For lover or for the greater good