One to organize its employees is through teams. This

One of the most effective ways for a company to organize its employees is through teams. This
kind of organization helps to enhance
production and realization of company
goals by identifying and implementing new
strategies.  A team comprises of two or more individuals
who are driven by a common goal and work together to achieve these
goals.  In an organization, teams substitute
the normal vertical chain-of-command which is less inclusive and less effective (Elaine, 2018).  Effective
teams lead to increased business
productivity and motivate the employees
to achieve an organizations’ goals. Teams also facilitate improved relations among
the employees, increased accountability, learning opportunities and improved
work efficiency. An essential aspect of teams is the structured sharing of information
in addition to shared responsibilities (Elaine, 2018).  However, a successful team must include
several components to facilitate the success of a particular objective or a

competent team must practice clear and open communication. Effective communication keeps all team members
informed as well as focusing on the set objectives (Elaine, 2018).  From the attached link below, effective communication
achieved through regular meetings helped to the company to meet its set objective.  During these sessions,
the team members evaluated their existing
roles, challenges as well as new roles. Before this, the team performance about the set objectives was below average.  A high performing team must also have
excellent leadership. Good leadership facilitate
communication, motivates and guides the team members in addition to evaluating
the performance of each team member (Elaine, 2018). After a period of underperformance in
the first few months, the team leader in the attached video below recognized the need to harmonize the team members. During the subsequent meetings, she demonstrated
the importance of a good team leader by her ability to solve problems and ensure efficient
team performance. Also, an active team must
have defined goals and objectives.  The
set goals ensure that all team members are
aware of what the team hopes to achieve. It is also essential for an effective team
to have defined roles including task and maintenance roles (Elaine, 2018). As such, the team players must have a
clear understanding of their assigned job function
to utilize their skills and talents collectively.

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Link to an effective team video: