One it made Gehry’s and his studio become a

One of the
downsides of the computer system is that it cannot transfer all the fundamental
expects of physical models into a full geometric description.  It losses the nuance in the form during the
transfer procedure from the hand-built models. In ‘Digital Surface
Representation and Constructability of Gehry’s Architecture’ (1995), Shelden
noted: “…the geometric controls and operations by which paper surfaces are
constructed in digital are radically different than – and in many ways impoverished
compared to – the flexibility and intuitiveness of direct material
manipulation.” The process of digital modeling, thus, is not directly and
automatically achieving. Due to this, Gehry’s studio stressed the physical artifact
and material-based modeling as their principle of the design approach. The
design process depended on the tactile and verification Paper was mostly used
in the models’ surfaces to present the constructability of similarity material
in real life construction like a metal sheet or plywood. Then the digital
surfacing software combined with the scanner was used to better understand the
physical model and transfer it into mathematical points in digital.


Another benefit
of using digital technology is database aspect, which provides better collaboration
between Gehry’s studio and subcontractors. The idea of using the digital
database for construction was first used in the aircraft and automobile design,
which was developed by Dassaults Aviation, called CATIA. CATIA was borrowed and
combined with Gehry’s architectural document for their surface modeling
capacity. (Shelden, 1995:110) The program emphasized the paperless
documentation and subcontractor collaboration. It allows specialists and
subcontractors have a better understanding of design construction in the early
phase of the project, reduce the risk of cost corrections and changes. Thus, it
made Gehry’s and his studio become a leader in architectural program developer.

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Last but least,
another benefit of the digital model is that it provides a possibility to
forecast the constructability of the design by adding the analytical and
parametric tools to define the surface and calculate the reinforcement aspect
of the form. ‘Regularisation’ is used to identify the forms of the building
from the given geometric characteristics under the assistance of a computer.
Only with the help of analytical computer program, the aesthetical and complex
surfaces or geometries, which are common in Gehry’s designs, can be
discoverable and predictable. (Good, 2015:77)