Once upon a time, there lived a couple named

Once upon a time, there
lived a couple named Mr. and Mrs Tanoko. Tanoko worked as a farmer in his farm,
while her wife, Nurlela was a housewife. He loved his wife so much. Unfortunately,
after 6 years of marriage they still had not got any children. This was because
Tanoko was infertile. Eventhough they were not young anymore, but that did not eased
their love.

They were pray every
night and day, waiting for a miracle. Everyday when Tanoko was working on his
little farm, he kept hoping that a baby would come out of one of his plants,
but he realized that those kind of things only happen in fairytales.

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Mr. Tanoko muttered
something to himself about how that thing was impossible.Somehow, little did he
know, God heard his prayers. After he finished harvesting, Tanoko rest for a
while in a hut near his farm. Then, he heard a loud noise behind the hut. He
went towards  the sound coming from, and
found a basket. He was very surprised after he find out what was in the basket.
He rushed back home right after.

Mr Tanoko called his
husband excitedly. Nurlela, while was still sleepy, asked  her husband what happened and then Mr. Tanoko
explained how he found the baby. They were hapilly discussing how they should
call her. They had an idea to name her Cempaka since she was found near a Cempaka

time was passing by, Cempaka grew as a talented and kind young lady, she
received a lot of love from her parents.

Oneday, the village was
infected with tuberculosis plague. Cempaka lost her father, her mother also got
infected, but was not severe. This devastated her, but she soon found her way
back up. She started taking care of her mother. She did everything she could to
recover her mother. Nurlela did not get any better, it got worse instead. They ran
out of money, she had to sell her belongings and got out of school.

she was gathering her stuff around the house, she accidentally found a book, it
turns out that it was her late father’s book of herbal medications. She was
surprised that her father had such kind of book.

She felt so greatful
that there was still a glimpse of light in the darkest days. Afterwards, she
tried making the medicine for her mother, guided by her late father’s book. She
tried many times, yet failed just as much. Sometimes, she almost gave up, but
the thought of her mother finally recovered kept her going. Until one day, her
hard work paid off.

She finally found the
right medicine for her mother and she was finally able to cure her mother. After
Cempaka cured her mom, she became very well known in her village for her
medicine, many of her neighbours asked for her help to make medicines for their

One day, someone came
over her house and told her that he wanted to help Cempaka sell her medicine, Cempaka
whose always positive minded, she agreed without thinking any further. The man
asked for some money for his journey to sell Cempaka’s medicines. Immediately, Cempaka
sent him off with half of her savings and medicines, even wished him a good
luck. Day by days passed, but there was not any news from the man. She soon realized
that she had been fooled.

Cempaka felt so
frustrated for a while. She blamed herself so many times. Her mother felt
worried about her. She gave her an advice about how it was just not their luck,
and God had to have a better plan for both of them. Success might come after
failure, and hard work would be paid off. Nurlela’s words of wisdom encouraged Cempaka
to get up and try again. Cempaka did not want to waste her time to mourn for long

Thanks to her ambitions,
she wanted to make her mother happy and also her father in heaven proud, she
made her failure as a precious lesson. Slowly she started to clear a way for
her bussiness from the beginning again. Thankfully, there was still some money
left for her to buy some new seeds.           

It turned out that her
mother’s saying came true. As time gone by, her farm came back to the way it
used to be. Unexpectedly, one day, a famous investor came to her village and
asked her if she wanted to cooperate with him. At first, Cempaka felt
suspicious about it, since her previous scam experience still haunted her and
made her hard to trust new people.

Later she found the
fact the fact that the investor was very rich and famous in town. She thought that
it is impossible for a man like him to scam a peasant like her. Besides, it
would not benefit him in any way.

Finally, she agreed to
that have deal contract with the investor. Her medicines was distributed and
sold in the town with a simple and modern packaging. It was to keep up with the
citizens’ lifestyle. Unexpectedly, Cempaka’s medicines was favored by the
citizens, even the stock ran out only in a few days.

who had succeeded, chose to stay in the city. Because, she fancied the city
lifestyle, and she could live luxurious life there. Day by days, it had been
three years since she left her village. Every year, Cempaka managed to visit
her mother for atleast two times. But lately, she got very busy.

One day, she got tired
and fell asleep. In her dream, she met her mother, she thought to herself that
maybe its a sign that she should visit her mother. She decided to visit her mom
and ask her to move in to the city with her.

she arrived in her village, she let herself into the house impatiently, looking
for her mother, and found Nurlela sitting on her bed. Nurlela was combing her
hair infront of the mirror. Cempaka asked her mom how has she been doing, but
she got no answer. Because she was in a hurry, she did not suspect anything and
said goodbye to her mother and went straight to her neighbour’s house to give
them mementos.

            When she arrived in her neighbour’s house, without any
chit chat, she gave them mementos. She told them she was going to take her
mother to the city to live with her. But then, another neighbour came, and when
seeing her, he told her his condolences. Cempaka was confused, she did not know
what he meant. Then, her neighbours explained to her that her mother had died
several days ago, she was shocked to hear that, she told them that she just saw
her mother in her house.