– on what must be achieved and strengths of

– Focus:


The ability
of the leader is to call the shots and make sure that all the people are
focused and concentrated on the most valuable use of their time as it is
essential to the excellent performances. Leader focuses on the needs of the
company, the results on what must be achieved and strengths of the
organizations on the things that the team does in order to satisfy the demand
of the customers in a competitive marketplace.

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– Courage:


Courage is
considered as the foremost of the virtues and the most identifiable outward and
important trait. Having courage means the person is willing to take risk in the
achievement of the goal without any assurance of success as there is no
certainty in life or business and every commitment you make or the action you
take entails a risk of some kind.



– Communication:


is one of the fundamental leadership capabilities and is a two-way street with
listening as important as speaking. Great leaders incredibly listen well as a
part of their communication. Another important thing is the ability to speak
effectively and persuasively which makes a good leader a great leader.



– Intelligence:


is something which is very difficult to develop but can be developed by
committing to continual learning both formally and informally. Intelligence can
be noticed by observing behaviour and attitude. One of the important signs of a
person who is truly intelligent is humility which can be demonstrated by gently
leading people towards understanding even when you know the answer.



– Humble:


consider leaders who are down to earth more effective as they are easy to
relate. Also, they feel more comfortable with leaders who are humble and
compassionate. Strive to understand where other people come from and developing
a healthy, grounded perspective on their own achievements.



Examples of how that leader provide
each quality

·      One of Gordon Ramsay’s great talent
is his sharp eye for detail and decades of experience in both restaurants and
hotel sector. Focusing on detailing and creating it according to how the
customer is expecting or how will customer gets attracted, is the key asset
which makes him a leader.

What Gordon looks for:
-Is the décor outdated? Or Is your web appealing?
-Too many dishes on the menu? Or are you offering too    many services?

·      Cooking and teaching them on a
television show in front of so many people and global audience, you need to be
brave. Courage to uphold your balance of professionalism and on and on. It
takes Gordon Ramsay courage to benefit individuals when they put up a strong
argument and tell him he is wrong about their restaurant. Nobody starts an
argument unless he knows he is correct.


·      Gordon Ramsay is an internationally
renowned chef, most people know him as the brash, sometimes verbally abusive
chef on hell’s kitchen and kitchen nightmares. To cross the bridge of success everyone,
need to face the hurdles, a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor. It is all
because time is precious in the kitchen.


·      Cooks can cook pretty well but
Ramsay stays razor sharp. He’s a perfectionist; he detests untrue talks- and
can spot it from a mile away: he learns very fast, both from his successes and
from his few mistakes. Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total



·      Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares
is the fact that it’s a show based on helping other restaurant owners
successful. Successful with their culinary, successful with their relationship,
their assets, their customer service and beyond. This is all because Gordon
Ramsay cares and he is humble. You can’t fake your humbleness. He is actually
humbled about people he is trying to help achieve their dreams.



Gordon Ramsay still has something to learn coz there is always room for
improvement. I will be more focused in what I do as perfection comes with
practise. I believe in learning gradually with minute detailing and balancing
efforts with smart work. I would like to learn and inculcate qualities and
experiences from people around me. Learning is a continuous process and every
day is a new challenge and I would love take challenges like Gordon Ramsay. I
should be strong enough to take criticism like a challenge, because at times
people may not like things you prepare but criticism are lessons which should
be taken care of to achieve goals. The best quality of Gordan Ramsay is control
and command, the way he have control and command over the things around him
which can be achieved with years of hard work and dedication. Multitasking is
one of his qualities which is essential in long run. Adapting his qualities or
incorporating it in my life might take some time or may be years but as the
quote says “Good Things Takes Time”.