on totally simple method and it could be represented






                                                 on this test we can study the fireplace from a burning candle. we will learn about the method of burning of candle. we will broaden our understanding of this clinical system via staring at a burning flame of candle and through the use of different strategies we are able to observe the change in the flame of candle.



As we recognize that the fire is a dangerous technique. Its research requires a few safety. The research of fire is a scientific system, we want to require to recognize from when and the way the fire started. As we recognise the burning of a candle is begin with a stable gasoline that is referred to as a wax. while the candle burn the wax is liquefied and growing up inside the shape of wick and vaporized in environment by way of capillary action. This liquid is also oxidized by using the candle flame very quickly. within the burning technique of candle the power produces within the shape of light energy and heat power. The burning method is a totally simple method and it could be represented through the equation given as,

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