On reason of a mezzanine floor collapse is poor

On 15th of January 2018 around 12 A.M. , the Jakarta Stock Exchange Building situated in the heart of the financial district in Indonesian capital (BCC) . At least 77 people were injured and 17 students were seriously injured in the collapse. There were no one death. ( ABC News )
After the mezzanine floor collapsed into a crowded lobby area, Indonesian policemen and their K9 dogs investigated around the Indonesia stock exchange building ( CNN ). The local officials had to identify the cause of the collapse. The Indonesian Engineer Union commented about the future analysis ” It will be about such aspects as building design, construction, and utilization “. ( Thejakartapost )
However, National policemen and investigation teams examined the damage after a mezzanine floor fell on the ground floor. They could confirm that the accident was not because of a bomb. Moreover, Indonesia has been known to have relatively low structuring standards, and corruption equipment safety checks were not thoroughly carried out. ( CNN )
Nevertheless, the security camera footage circulated online illustrated the situation with a group of people plunging to out of the building. Dramatic CCTV footage showed a group of university students visiting the building who just had arrived hours earlier from Palembang city to study about the stock exchange. Investigators looked at the quality of building’s materials and the site’s structural integrity. Musyanif Mukti, a top official at the association of construction safety and health, said “The building needs to be examined to see whether it is structural fatigue or it’s a weight issue”. Before the accident situation happened, Megha Kapoor who worked on the first floor in the jakarta stock exchange building at that time, said: “There was a sound, like something had declined into the first floor of the building, in approximately 20 seconds”. Notwithstanding, Heru Dewanto, the deputy manager of the Indonesian Engineer Union ( PII ) said that he could improve the building’s management if there would be an assistance as far as he know the worst injuries are fractures. ( Thejakartapost ) ” I guarantee that there were no fatalities” – he said.
To conclude, an investigation into the reason of a mezzanine floor collapse is poor construction standards and a concentration of weight. The collapse may have been caused by corroded bolts or shearing joints. In addition, the walkway was part of the original structure, built in the late 1990, and not added later based on interviews with building management.
Both Thailand and Indonesia are located in the Southeast Asia. In Thailand , there is the same situation that the building collapsed where is Rangsit road nearby Ratchamongkol university of technology Pathumthani On 11st August 2014. In that time, labourers were working for establish the U Place Condotel building. There are 19 injuries and 4 deaths.The U place Condotel building started to collapse from the six floor into the first floor. However, Suchatvee Suwansawat, the president of Engineering Institute of Thailand ( EIT ), said that there are three main causes including design, construction materials, and the stage of construction from the primary ascription. Nevertheless, Both of collapsed buildings in Thailand and Indonesia happened from the same reason because of building’s structure. After the accident, the Association of Construction Safety and Health Expert in Thailand and Indonesia helped and took responsibilities injured people until they get well.