On farmer during the great depression. He was raised

On February 3, 1904 “Pretty Boy” Charles Floyd was born in Adairsville, Georgia. He was a poor farmer during the great depression. He was raised in a compact farming community of Oklahoma, Akins and the Cookson Hills which he would become the arm of the law. He  moved to Oklahoma where his family owned a farm. They were extremely poor because of the fact that banks were taking over people’s farms. Floyd was best known for his constant crimes involving payroll robbery in the mid 1920’s, which he was arrested for. After his release, he continued robbing numerous banks.Floyd earned the nickname “Choc” because of his love of Choctaw beer. His best nickname was “Pretty Boy” he received his nickname from a girlfriend at Kansas City. Floyd hated his nickname so he went back to letting people call him “Chock”. Due to the “Dust Bowl” happening at the time, he used crime to escape the poverty he and his family were facing. Floyd was poor, and out of work which was hard since he had a young family. Even when he took normal jobs, it still did not help.He got married to  Ruby Hardgraves at the age of 20. They gave birth to a boy named Charles Dempsey Floyd. Jack Floyd was born between 1922 and 1923. His father was serving a four year prison sentence for robbing a store in St. Louis, Missouri. Due to his actions of robbing a bank, his wife filed a divorce against him. Floyd was diagnosed with mental disorder by killing an accused man and killing his own father. Due to this reckless usage of a machine gun, he started robbing banks in Ohio River with a group. While on his crime spree, him and his group became popular by completing criminal acts such as destroying papers at the bank, stealing mortgages at banks and liberating debt-ridden citizens. Floyd completed many criminal acts against the government. To begin with, Floyd strangled William Brown’s wife, and  brutalized her body. William Brown’s wife was pregnant,which was the police informed William Brown as being a double homicide. During that time Georgia Green and her daughter were alone when Floyd came in. He battered Georgia Green and her daughter to death. Both girls had red hair. The police understands that both victim had red hair which made the police infer that he attacked women with red hair. Floyd struck again in 1945. During that time the victims were Panta Lou Niles and the red haired women named Georgia Green.Before Floyd was caught and shot twice, he was attempting to escape from the police. He was in no position for negotiation thus leaving by himself. His behavior before his death was being frightened and worried if he was going to get caught. Floyd was unable to withstand trial because he was shot twice. He robbed numerous banks and was not able to go through trial because he was not caught at that timeFloyd was sentenced after admitting to the rape and murder of five women and the murder of an unborn child. Charles Floyd’s behavior was unfortunately bad.  He was sentenced to life in a mental establishment.Before his death, Floyd had a bounty on his head for $23,000 which urged him to create an alias under his name. His alias was Mr. George Sanders and with that, he escaped and went into hideout with Richetti and two other women. After, in Wellsville, Chief J.H. Fultz was told that people were skulking outside of the police station. He caught Rich Richetti and  Floyd making their escape. That day, authorities found Floyd in an East Liverpool cornfield and he began shooting at the cops.  He was shot twice and his last were, “I’m done for; you’ve hit me twice.” FBI agents attempted to get him an ambulance to save him but he ended up dying 15 minutes after he was shot.