On disability which caused him to be looked down


On April 12, 1945 Franklin Delano
Roosevelt died. He died in office which meant that he left Harry S. Truman in
office. He left him in office during the second world war which meant that he didn’t
just have pretty big shoes to fill because he was following Franklin but he
also had some huge responsibilities. Franklin was born on January 30th,
1882. This means that he lived for 63 years. In those 63 years he accomplished more
than many of our presidents and did amazing things for our country not only then
but now as well.  

Something that you might not know
about Franklin is that he collected stamps, the way he collected stamps was
more of a lifelong passion. This hobby of his was something that he developed
around the age of 8. So it was  hobby
that he enjoyed doing for many many years. It was actually a passion his mothers
when she was a child as well so she encouraged him to do it as a child which is
most likely how it all started. The thing is that in 1921 he got polio as I
just mentioned but when he got polio his stamp collecting took off. The reasoning
behind this is it became his biggest distraction on the days that he was stuck
in bed with nothing to do so he collected stamps it was something he used to
consume his time. He continued to collect stamps while he was president but
instead of a distraction he was using stamp collecting was a stress reliver
because being the president of the united states as you could image would be
very stressful especially with his physical disability which caused him to be
looked down upon, having to deal with the great depression, and world war two
which would all add up. Franklin even created new stamps while he was in
office. He created about 200 new stamps during the time that he spent in

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During Franklin Roosevelts life he was
diagnosed with polio. He lost all ability to use his legs at the age of 39. He
knew that he had a strong political carrier ahead of him so he didn’t let  the fact that he got polio stop him from
continuing on with what he wanted to do in life. That was made quite obvious
considering the fact that he served the longest amount of time as president as
anyone else ever will/ has.  Franklin was
completely paralyzed from the waist down, during this period of time in history
it wasn’t expected for someone to be able to continue on with their live with a
physical disability like this let alone be president. This makes the fact that
he was president that much more impressive and remarkable. It was a quite
normal misconception that someone with a physical disability would also have a
mental one. Obviously, this wasn’t the case but it caused the people that had
physical disabilities to be looked down upon. It causes people to be turned
away from normal jobs so wanting to be involved in politics was something that
would be considered farfetched because people wouldn’t think that you would be
mentally capability of doing the job like anyone else would be able to so him continuing
to want to be apart of high politics was something but wanting to be the
president of the united states? That was something that wouldn’t be expected so
he was an inspiration to people with physical disabilities. He was well aware
of the fact that he would be looked down upon for having this physical setback
and it wasn’t something that he was proud of so he did many of his speeches standing
up or in a way that his wheelchair wasn’t visible.

He expressed the importance of core
values of a free and open society and this inspired many citizens in the united
states as well as people from other countries around the world. He also said
things like ” The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, “The test of our
progress is not weather we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it
is weather we provide enough to who have too little”, and “when you come to the
end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. These are all quotes that I feel
impacted people more during the great depression in a different way than they
could have to people now. For example the quote “The only thing we have to fear
is fear itself” as you could probably imagine people where scared during the
great depression because most of them where loosing just about everything that
they had and during world war two of course they where scared it was a war so
things like this could have given people slightly different perspectives on
what was going on and how they where going to handle it, cope with it, and how
they where going to process what was going on in their lives to move forward.
The words of other people can sometimes help a lot and with these words coming
from the leader of the nation you could imagine how the impact of these words
would be so much stronger because of who they where coming from, the president
of the United States.

Since these programs that Franklin
Roosevelt put into place where doing so well he got re-elected in 1936. He
continued with this four-year term until 1940 that’s when the country was about
to be/going through world war two. During this he ran for re-election again and
he became the only president to serve four terms. When he was re-elected in
1940 he was running against Wendell L. Wilkie, he had nearly 5 million more votes than him during this election so him
serving more time as president was something that was favored by majority of
the nation. Him serving all these years in the white house is what caused the
22nd amendment to be put into place. The amendment was passed in
1951 and the amendment states that no president should be elected into office
more than twice. This makes Franklin Roosevelt the only president that has and
ever will serve 4 terms as president of the United States.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in
office as a democrat during one of the hardest economic time periods that the
united states has faced. This time period was the great depression, during this
time period many farmers lost their farms which just added to the large amount of
unemployed people. Franklin Roosevelt was in office and it was his responsibly
to try to help some of these people. He created many programs to help these
unemployed citizens and the farmers that where losing their farms so basically
more unemployed citizens. These programs where put in place so that they could
get some relief while they where recovering with the National Recovery
Administration. He hit the ground running in his frist 100 days of presidency
he closed all banks until congress could pass reform legislation. Then there was
the 42 agencies that where put in place to help create jobs and to provide
insurance for the unemployed. There are some programs that he put into place
about 86 years ago that are still affective today. Some of them are the social
security, security and exchange commission, and there is also the deposit
insurance corporation. These all helped the economy 86 years ago and they still
are today, they are preventing us from going into another great depression so
Franklin Roosevelt doing this is something that has stayed with us for years
and is going to keep helping us for years to come.