Often imagine were are just going to talk straight

Often we imagine that when we have a plan or goal around our businesses we have got this fantastic business idea we set up a plan we can see a goal and we imagine were are just going to talk straight in straight line toward that, that is action never how it unfolds no plan survives its clash with reality so success is not in straight line in every business. A lot of people think that creativity only lies within the sculpture of an architect or paintbrush of an artist but creativity can appear in more places than just an atelier or studio. Indeed creativity is not surrounded just in one sector like art and that is the beauty of it. What I have learned until this point is how we can success in business and why creativity is importance in business “success”.

As I mentioned in first journal creativity is defining as solution problem in concept through imagination rather than through reason. Now investigate why creativity is important in our business. Creative minds often solving problem from different angle and perspective in a business atmosphere, than result can be surprising and pleasantly. Nowadays we never heard from business success that had great and flourished without any creativity like Nokia or Apple so creativity is power force behind most businesses success.

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In new-world the world-setting the bar higher of the next unique idea so big idea leads to the implementation of innovative in the world, in other words in every business if don’t have creative business minds or big idea, would follow the same pattern in marking than lead to fail in marketing especially when the market is depending on unique idea and innovative. So employing creative brains to join our company allows for more imaginative method to business problems.

Creative business minds can ultimately set our business apart from all of the others and making customer who want to have your service or product. Indeed collaboration creative business minds, set companies apart from one other so business brain is crucially in every business and has ability of capacity to innovate problem solve and thinking outside the square.

Finally by implementing creativity in our business we can challenging tasks especially when we have divers group of brainstorm employee and trying to increasing engagement and interaction in the company by opening the door for employee from different department and come together as a cohesive team can seeking multiple idea and solutions for the business.