Nowaday, forth. However, the wide use of robots will

Nowaday, robotics is a rapidly advancing field with a
growing stable of different robot models and their expanding roles in society. Although it is commonly believed by
some that the appearance of robot plays a significant role in the development
of human race, others fear that these robots take their tolls on the society. As far as I am concerned, robot has the advantages and disadvantages.

A great deal of benefits from robotic system has been
proven in many ways, for example, robots are able to perform tasks 24 hours consecutively
without resting or fulfill houshold duties such as cleaning house, washing dishes
and so forth. However, the wide use of robots will probably increase the
unemployment rate as well as decrease the independence of human on machine and
it is likely to weaken the creativity ability of human indirectly. In fact, it is
true that human labor with robots tend to prevent workers from being exposed to
dangerous, stressful or unhealthy environment.

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The other thing is that robots could replace humans in
situations where emotions are liabilities, such as battlefield robots that do
not feel anger, hatred, cowardice, or fear-human weakness. Nonetheless, machine
may be extremely dangerous for people. The reason is that robots have artificial
intelligent, so that they cannot solve different problems they get while doing
the tasks. In surgery, for example, robots always operate correctly and perfectly
following to the treatment procedures but if there are some incidents or obstacles
in patient’s operation, they do not know how to solve these matters. It is very
dangerous for patients, as robots cannot be responsible for their action.

Although robots endeavor to bring more convenience to
human race for a better standard of living, I think that they should not
replace human beings with doing different kind of works, because robots can not
replace human intelligence as well as not be responsible for their actions.