Now look with texture can be achieved by exposed

Now winter
has truly set in room spaces can feel sterile and cold.  The often-forgotten style solution will add
texture and give coziness instantly to any room. It also adds another dimension.

will really maximize texture and bring warmth to a room and with so many
bookcase designs to choose from it also creates an interesting space, possibly
covering a whole wall.

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Fur is very trendy again this season with cushions and throws in this year’s
colours.  Choose a chunky knit blanket as
a throw to keep you warm in winter.

which has warmth in its appearance, is back and will bring texture to any room
try mixing it up with brightly coloured cushions.

that come in various designs, which you can layer, or opt for the shaggy style
which brings a very cozy vibe.

fixtures can be a killer texturizer and is a little-known style secret. Add a
modern geometric light fixture to give an instant upgrade.

are a texture and are on-trend for this season with the resurgence of palms and
cacti into our homes. Also, you could use shells, stones and branches as
decorative objects.

chosen furniture will add texture to your home. Use a mix of rustic natural
textures like marble, stone and dark wood. Try this seasons velvet sofas in
blush pink and emerald green. A dark wood sideboard will bring a nice ambience
to a room.

Industrial look with texture can be achieved by exposed brick walls, concrete
ceilings and visible plumbing.  Use warm
woods and woven textiles to bring a more soothing classic feel.

whether smooth, silky, woven or embroidered have texture. It is an important
part of how the room feels at first glance. Visual textiles immediately appeal
to your visual sense while tactile textures ignite your sense of touch.

forget the 5th wall, this seasons new trend. It’s a great way to add
texture and inject visual interest using pattern, textured wallpaper or hanging
up striking light features.


Texture is an important part for interior
design. If you haven’t incorporated texture into your design scheme yet, and
there looks like something missing, then probably it needs a touch of texture.