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No doubt, pets have become a member of the family. Every day they are more valued, because beyond offering fun and companionship, their presence has a positive impact on the physical and mental health of the people, making the quality of life and the feeling of well-being increase. This is the case of Marcela, who changed her life after meeting Ramona, a Creole bitch who, she says, gives her “true love.” ” When I get home and she goes crazy, and she jumps in happiness to see me, that changes my mood. I can be tired and stressed, but she welcomes me and makes me happy, “she says. Precisely, that welfare they offer is one of the leading benefits of pets in people’s lives.The presence of dogs, cats, and other pets is a determining factor in the state of mind. It has been proven that having a pet is an excellent remedy against depression because your company increases the feeling of security and protection. “Interacting with our pet causes the release of oxytocin, the well-known hormone of love, generating feelings of joy and confidence in us,” explains psychologist Vanessa Moreno.Having a pet lowers the pressureQualities of pets such as loyalty, affection, joy, are transmitted to human beings by providing them with social skills that are reflected in a better interaction and coexistence with living creatures. ” The influence of animals, especially in children is very positive because it encourages them to interact, to take responsibility for their care and to strengthen values such as solidarity and respect, ” says Moreno.But the benefits are not only emotional. Having a pet can help prevent physical ailments such as heart attacks because when walking several times a day people are doing an exercise that leaves them less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. “With Ramona, I have to stick to the routine because she has a schedule to go out and relieve herself. I benefit from that because it gives me more day and I take the opportunity to exercise a bit in the morning, ” says Marcela. Precisely, a study published by the American Heart Association determined that people who take their pet for a walk have 54% more energy in the day.Another benefited by the presence of pets in the house is the immune system, especially that of children, in whom it is strengthened by reducing the risk of developing allergies and enhancing the body to fight other viruses. This was demonstrated by a group of Finnish researchers who studied 397 children from birth to the first year of life and found that those who had contact with pets were healthier. How to care for your dog in winterThe hair and the skin of the dog are its primary weapons against the storms of the weather and the cold. Therefore, now that winter comes, we must pay more attention if it fits the care of the mantle of our faithful friend.As always, giving the animal the food that best suits it and taking care of its hygiene will help our pet to be healthy and possess the necessary nutrients to face the harsh winter with the energies required and defenses. Also, remember that puppies and older dogs are the most vulnerable to cold.The following five tips will help you to fulfill your obligations to your dog appropriately:1. Take care of the dog’s dietAs always, give the animal the food that suits you best based on its age, size and weight are essential for the can count in your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need. Since we become less active in the winter, I am sure that your activity is also less intense in this period, so be careful not to overfeed it.2. Take care of your hygieneWinter brings with it a series of dangers to be aware of. The excess moisture or have the heating too high for animal dermatitis or may cause you to move the excess hair, even to submit eagles. Not correctly brushing the dog can cause knots to grow in the nose or the hair to get stuck and not allow the skin to breathe properly.To avoid all this, brush your hair daily and adequately. Before combing, apply a conditioner or nourishing oil on the nose, which will create a protective layer on the coat. Also, when the day of bathing arrives – once a month is the ideal in winter -, it is best to use a specific shampoo for your hair type.Remember that washing too much is counterproductive since the natural qualities of your skin will be weakened.3. Haircut, moderateIf you are going to cut your hair, keep in mind that the mane is your natural protection against external agents. Therefore, it is not advisable to cut the hair very short. The area that should be shorter should be the stomach and legs because the hair will not come into contact with the wet floor and will take less moisture. For the rest of the body, it is best that you limit yourself to shaping the hairstyle.4. Have petroleum jelly on handNatural Vaseline comes in handy to protect the skin from moisture and cold. Apply it in areas especially exposed to these factors, such as nose truffles and leg pads, to prevent them from drying and cracking due to low temperatures.5. Buy a raincoatPutting a raincoat on your pet before going outside is the most practical thing, so you do not have to dry it every time you go for a walk. And besides, the dog thanks him because it’s not so cold. Especially if it is a breed of short hair or small size. Of course, before putting it on, make sure you have a well-groomed coat so that no knots are formed.And remember to dry well the areas that have come in contact with the water, to prevent it from retaining moisture and cold.How To Choose The Ideal DogThe truth is that it is a pity to see the large number of dogs abandoned by unscrupulous owners, who usually end up slaughtered. If you can adopt one from the kennel, then better than better. You will do her a great favor, but remember:?    Check that the dog does not have any symptoms of a disease , such as nasal discharge or diarrhea.?    Make sure the dog is dewormed and vaccinated, and ask at the kennel what kind of food they use to buy it. Although later you can change it (yes, gradually), it is better to buy the same food at the beginning so that the dog does not suffer from stomach problems.?    Let yourself be advised by the kennel keeper, as he is the one who best knows each dog and is the best help to choose the ideal dog.If you want a breed puppy, you can buy it at pet stores and certified sites. Remember that there are races that are more likely to develop diseases than others. Ask and get informed before buying your ideal dog. Remember also that puppies require more care than adult dogs (vaccinations, training …), although it is also easier to adapt to their new home.About us: A dog is a great responsibility, but you can become your best friend. Also, it is shown that people who have dogs live longer because they are happier since they have more social life and exercise more. So, do not think about it anymore and adopt that future great friend who will accompany you throughout your life.