­NETWORK playing with children in short we use technology



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Name: M Adnan

[email protected]

Date: 26/12/2017



                                       As we know the world completely change. Now
a days we use technology to accomplish our task no matter how small or big they
are. We send our picture video and other documents and file etc. Before sending
all Theas things Theas are convert into digital signal and then further process
apply on them. After converting our information will send by using network. we
face different problem while doing work with networks in both ends sender and
receiver  we have security risk always we
try to safe our information from hacker and third party. Digitalization playing
important role in digital technology. As we know network security become very
important in modern days. Network Administrator have to record all the traffic
on the network and also ensure that the whole network is safe from unauthorized
person. In this paper I will give review on different attacks and also the
defending methods which is use in world to secure the network security.



                                                  Before I go in detail
discussion of the topic first I want to tell about the digitalization.
Digitalization is process of converting information into signal normally we say
converting into bits, analog signal etc. Now a days we use technology in our
daily life not only in office school hospital we use technology in home during
making food playing with children in short we use technology every time. Main
point is are we secure or not..? Is our data is secure or not..? Is our network
secure or not..? Is our message send to whom we want to send..?  Theas are some common question which comes in
every person who use internet. Network security are very impotent in every
field like military, education, government, business etc. To secure network is
very difficult work because every organization based on their security system
if organization has not secure network then it’s very easy for hacker to come
and stole the important information like information of bank accounts or some
other documents etc. Network security is not done in one step it has different
step and each step related to other. In network security we have to secure all
the network like our switches socket router because data passed through these
socket switches and router so we have to secure so that our information safe
from unauthorized person. As I discuses that digitalization is just a process
of transferring data in form of signal etc.

So we
discuss in this paper about the attack and their types and also defending system
like firewall etc., this paper is related to discussion about attacks and their




A.      Passive Attacks

                           Passive attack is an
attack in which hacker just come and monitor our data or listen our information
in passive attack attacker does not change our data he just monitor and listen
it so passive attack is very difficult to detect by user because attacker does
not change anything he just monitor so we cannot detect attacker easily.

attack has two types.


Traffic analysis



B.      Active Attacks


Active attack is an attack in which attacker can change data between two
user attackers does not monitor data only some time change data and send to
user and sometime attacker pretends to first user that he is second user and
start conversation to first user.

 Active attack
has three types





C.      DOS Attack

             Dos attack become major threat for all
the networks of the world. Dos attack easily launched by any person who has
little knowledge of network security dos attack does not require planning and
much time for launching if you have some knowledge about network security the
simply go on internet and download a file and launched on network. Dos attack
use different user connection to a network know as zombie it target the
bandwidth of network.­   


Types of network security

                              First of all we should know that our system
got hacked by someone due to many reason we cannot say that our system got
hacked or our data has stolen by someone because  designer does not design properly our
security structure our a man who configure our system does not configure it
properly. We find solution but we cannot blame anyone suddenly. Sometime by
improving our system security we make some mistake and our system becomes weak
due many reason like poor design poor configuration poor implementation and
poor management. By secure the system network we require our configuration as


A: configuration


               Whenever you configure a network
after the configure and completing the setup of network we should altered the
logins, address and ID as soon as possible. Because anyone can use remittance
login to access the account and put all the network on risk.



B. Firewalls

                          It is the most
generally sold and accessible framework security in the market. There are three
divergent sorts of firewalls be needy after filtering at the IP level, Packet
level, TCP level or application level. Firewalls help in dismissing unapproved
arrange development through an unsecured framework through a private framework.
They can alert the customer when an untrusted application need to access to the
web.. Firewall does not control any sort of inward development where an
extensive segment of the ambushes arrive. Numerous associations are under
imperfection doubts that by basically using a firewall its safe, yet really
they are not under safe condition, firewall can be viably be avoided. The best
thing while in the meantime orchestrating firewall is to revoke anything which
isn’t allowed.




encryption section one can redirect designer tuning in to the information in
light of the path that without the mystery key it will be trash to him. Distinctive
encryption part, for example, HTTPS or SHTTP amidst the information
transmission between the customer and server. Utilizing VPN, which will
scramble every single one of the information experiencing the structure; it
will in like way redesign the affirmation of the client. Encryption
additionally has traps as all the blended mail and site pages are permitted
through firewall they can in like way understand malware in them. Scrambling
information comprehend arranging power from the CPU.


D. Guard
against DOS Attacks


To dismiss
DoS strike various developments have been progressed, for instance,
interference acknowledgment structures (IDSs), updated switches, firewalls et
cetera. These things which are used between the servers and the web. They supervisor
moving toward relationship notwithstanding dynamic affiliations and which
normally figure out how to maintain the framework. They have movement survey
get the opportunity to control and redundancies are consolidated with them.
IDSs have been marked into both the drawing nearer and dynamic affiliations.


We have more
sort of system security and their name are specify beneath


•           Vulnerability Testing




•           Secure Sockets Layer


•           Secure HTTP (SHTTP)


•           VPN (virtual private system)


•           E-Mail Security




As web has
transformed into an impressive bit of our regular daily existence, so expect of
framework security has moreover extended exponentially from the before decades.
As much as the customers are interfacing with the web it enthralls a lot of
guilty parties pulls in. By and by a day’s as demonstrated by the each and
everything is related with web from essential looking for sustenance to the
protection secretly, so accordingly there is tremendous need of security to the
framework. Trade more than Billions of dollars is going on reliably completed
the web, at any cost this must be secured. Undoubtedly, even a minute in
mystery feebleness in a framework can have destroying sway, if associations records
are transmitted, it can lay the customers data, for instance, their keeping
cash unobtrusive components, MasterCard, plastic information in danger, it
looks like a constant sit back and watch diversion between orchestrate security
master and software engineers, so per the essential of web clues at no
diminishing it’s simply going to pick up altogether harder.