NARRATOR: GEORGE: As of July second 1767 we the

NARRATOR: 1763, the French and Indian war came to a screeching halt leaving England in great debt. In an attempt to fix their situation, King George II has enlisted a series of taxes for goods and other popular items. In 1767 the Townsend acts were filed. Many of the British people thought the colonists would benefit. KING GEORGE: As of July second 1767 we the british parliament will file the Townshend Acts. We will tax oil, lead, paint, glass, paper, and TEA. (GASP FROM TOWNSPEOPLE)This will help with the debt from the French and Indian war.  Also it will help our economy develop and thrive.(KING STARTS TO LIP SYNC READING OFF THE PAPER) NARRATOR: When the news is received in the colonies, there are many who begin to distrust Parliament.(TOWNSPERSON 1 TALKING TO OTHER TOWNSPERSON 2)TOWNSPERSON 1:Why is Parliament taxing us? If they need the money, make it themselves. He should not be able to tax us for their own problems.TOWNSPERSON 2: Yes. King George needs to be taught that we will not put up with these taxes for much longer.Narrator: Back in the town square, the speech is still going on.KING GEORGE: Charles Townshend came to me with this proposal and I thank him greatly. He thought that we should pay the salaries of the governors of the colonies to keep them loyal.(The assistant turns back to holding the scroll.)(Mouthing the beginning of the scroll)KING GEORGE: From this day forth, the colonists will be taxed on lead, paint, glass, paper, and tea. NARRATOR:  3 years later.TOWNSPERSON 1: King George II knows that all of us love tea. He took away all of the other Townshend Acts except for tea! How cruel of him.TOWNSPERSON 2: The tax on tea is so much money!! 3 cents! This is outrageous!NARRATOR:  For the confused members of the audience, 3 cents is about a dollar now.NARRATOR: The colonies have gathered together in the old south meeting house on December, 16, 1773.  Samuel Adams stands at a podium in the meeting house to explain his plan to the colonists. With the recent tea taxing, the colonists are left furious and prepared to do what it takes to get the tax revoked. SAMUEL ADAMS: Thank you all for coming to the meeting. I am sure a lot of you had conflicts in the mornings, but you decided to show up here, despite what might be going on in your lives to talk about the tea tax. It is a great honor for me to be here and speak in front of you. (CHANTING)RANDOM PEOPLE : ABOLISH THE TEA! ABOLISH THE TEA!…..(SILENCES THEM AND RAISES HIS HAND)NARRATOR: Sam Adams has been appointed to make the decision of what to do with the tea. As you have guests, the colonists are very impatient to see what he has come up with. SAMUEL ADAMS: As a member of the Sons of Liberty, I propose we do something with the three ship full of tea at the port of Boston.(everyone shouting and he again silences them.)