Name: spotlight and earned her the Edgar Award for

Name: Fares MaktabiClass: English 9Assignment: Book ReviewDate: January 23, 2018″Flipped”: A Book That Will Flip Your Outlook On Teen Fiction         If you are looking for an exceptional classic teen novel, look no further, Wendelin Van Draanen delivers what you want… And more!. Draanen was born on January 6, 1965, she specializes in teen novellas and young adult fiction. Draanen is an accomplished writer who has written over 30 books with various awards. She is known for her award-winning books, “Flipped” and “The Running Dream” which lifted her into the spotlight and earned her the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile. What makes this 2001 novel special is that it alternates in perspectives, with the two main characters. Bryce and Julienne, both see life in two completely different perspectives. This not only makes the book much more special, but it adds another element of perspective, which broadens the reader’s view.                Moreover, “Flipped” is the type of book that will amaze and stun you with its many plot twists and odd scenarios while still having a low reading level. This is a great stereotypical book, most people will fall in love with instantly. Other people, like me, would need some more time to understand this book and will, later on, be completely wowed by it. Although this book sometimes falls short of tackling a bigger picture, overall it is a great book and will completely change the reader’s perspective on teenage crushes. This novel is for any age and will surely entertain you greatly. Accompanying this low reading level, is a simple yet fun genre of teen fiction, which will surely keep you immersed and entertained.            “Flipped” begins right when Julie Baker moves next door to Bryce Loski in the second grade. Julie instantly falls for Bryce right when she meets him, he didn’t feel that way at all. This novel takes place in Mayfield in the late 20th century. After continuous conflicts between these two main characters, Bryce begins to start having feelings for Julie and, Julie No longers care much about him. This is where Draanen uses her magic and makes each character much more complex and special, thus intriguing the reader even more. “Then one time, during a test, Julie’s in the middle of sniffing my hair when she notices that I’ve blown a spelling word. A lot of words. Suddenly the sniffing stops and the whispering starts. She was actually helping me” (Draanen 65). Draanen here completely changes Julie’s characteristic traits from an irritating to a helpful person. This adds more complexity to this character and enriches the book thus adding another element of uniqueness to this novel. Draanen does this multiple times in the book so you will always be surprised by how much these characters change and grow.          In addition, we spend a lot of time in both Bryce and Julie’s thoughts, and we instantly fall in love with both of them. Both of these main characters have completely different mindsets.This sometimes confuses us but still creates an amazing experience. Julie is the leading lady in “Flipped” and she’s overall amazing.  She’s a good friend, a stellar daughter, and she can raise hens to boot. What more could you ask for? To get to know her super well? Well, we get to do that too since she’s one of our narrators. In this book, we see the difficult things that Julie has to endure like: family problems, financial issues and growing up. We get to have the privilege to ride with her on this ride. Bryce Loski, on the other hand, is something else. We go along on Bryce’s journey from being a seven-year-old kid to a teenager—and he goes through tons of change by the time he reaches eighth grade. We’ve got front row tickets at watching these two teenagers grow into young adults.        Furthermore, Draanen does an amazing job of choosing the correct type of perspective to tell the tale of these two growing and changing adolescents. She chooses the first-person point of view but with every chapter, the perspective changes from Bryce to Julie. This gives Bryce and Julie area to tell their side of the events which have occurred while, giving the reader some space to think and reflect. This type of perspective not only engages the reader more but, it produces inner debates within the reader. Yet, a huge danger of this type of writing style is that there is too much repetition, as each characters gives their own spin on what happened and repeats the events. Draanen gracefully avoids that pitfall by giving two completely different perspectives on the same story. This makes it appear as two different stories thus, not making it annoying or repetitive. Due to the many social issues which are tackled in the book as well, the reader can also see other perspectives on social matters that he never saw before. In this book we look over social issues like sexual orientations and even racism, this evolves this mere teen book into something much bigger and powerful.          In addition, the theme of this novel is very important and delivers a great message about change and transformation. Readers from the age of 11-16 would be greatly affected by this book’s theme of change and transformation. Draanen implements this critical subject smoothly into this teen book, delivering a great book and a remarkable theme. “It’s been over six years now, and I learned long ago to hide my feelings, but oh, those first days. Those first years! I thought I would die for wanting to be with him.” (Draanen 163).   Anyone who has an interest in the teen genre would instantly fall in love with this book. Readers can see how each character grows and change as time passes by and witness funny and relatable moments as well. To conclude, anyone who has an interest in teen fiction would like this book, because it has a great plot as well as many plot twists that would keep you engaged and entertained. This book has all the elements needed for a good teen fiction book. Love affairs, check, betrayal, check, funny moments, check and finally the growth and change of the main characters, check. A reader must be warned that it will take some time to warm up to the plot and characters. After a couple of pages the reader will fall in love and thoroughly comprehend the book and the importance of the events. Citations:Book:Draanen, Wendelin Van. Flipped. Ember, 2001. Image: Wendelin Van Draanen. “Flipped.”, 13 May 2003,