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n India, over 80,000 people die in traffic crashes annually, over 1.2 millions are injured seriously and about 300,000 disabled permanently. In India, for individuals more than 4 yrs of age, more life-years are lost due to traffic crashes than due to cardio-vascular diseases or neoplasms! Road traffic injuries are among the second to sixth leading cause of death in the age group of 15-60 yrs in all countries of the South East Asia region- Henry Ford, Dinesh Mohan.8The present study deals with 520 RTAs involving 726 victims. Out of these 726 victims, 494 victims (68%) involved in 368 RTAs were interviewed. 0-9 yrs no. of male victims is about 28 (4.6%) no. of female victims is 16 (13%).10-19 yrs is 78(12.9%) & 5(4%) respectively. There were 603(83%) male and 123(17%) female victims. The average age of the victims was 31.5 years. The highest number of victims (31.3%) were between 20-29 years of age followed by 30-39 years and 40-49 years age group. About 71% of the victims (516) were under 40 years of age.There were 65 children (8.9%) below 12 years of age with an average age of 7.1 years.In the present study, the highest number of accidents were observed in January and the maximum number of victims were also highest compared to other months. The similarobservations were made by others. There was some increases in RTAs in the month of October, which may be attributed to the rainy season and, therefore, wet conditions of the road. Out of 494 victims who could be interviewed, 121(24.5%) mentioned that the roads were wet at the same of the RTA. No explanation can be offered for the increase in RTA in January and August. There is no fog or mist in January in this area or heavy rainfall in August. Infact there is little change in the seasons here. The highest number of accidents were on Sundays and lowest on Mondays. This pattern differs from studies in Delhi and California where they found the highest occurrence of RTAs were on Saturdays. In another study from Delhi, the highest number of RTAs were observed on Mondays and Wednesdays. Bicycles were the highest (19.4%) among the vehicles involved in RTAs, followed by trucks (16.8%) and buses (14.9%) among motorized vehicles. The  observation made by others in Delhi were also similar. Whereas, in Aligarh, it was found that two wheelers and bicycles where commonly involved.Bicycle riders appear to be at greater risk of sustaining injury in a RTA. Among the motorized vehicles, trucks were the highest number (115) of vehicles involved in RTAs. Rough driving, over speeding and heavily loaded vehicles offering poor control are the possible reasons.