Myanmar I enjoyed making photos and sharing some candy

Myanmar is a country full of charm. It’s inspiration, it’s a return to the past. It is an approach to the life of the peasants, to the hard work of the farmers. It is a permanent smile and hospitality that reaches the soul. It is the most virgin country in Asia from the tourist point of view (of course there are exceptions like Bagan), and that makes it still a good time to visit it. In this post I wanted to list the main reasons why I liked this country so much . Needless to say, I find it impossible to convey all the beauty and charm of its people and its landscapes, but I hope that this tour of the photos and the entrance in general will help you to get an idea of ??what it took me to travel through Myanmar.Peopleworker-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of the worldThe people of this country have a unique and sincere smile. Everything usually starts with a singsong mingalaba, which means ‘hello’ in Burmese. That word gave rise to many semi conversations where, despite the language differences, I always learned something new or allowed me to feel more the country I was in.Inle LakeLake-Inle-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of-the-worldThe beauty of Inle Lake and the richness of its colors are usually the typical image of any Myanmar travel guide. I especially liked their floating gardens, orchards supported by the same water, as well as how to stay in the boat while rowing and fishing. Inle Lake is not only a lake, but it is the center of an ecosystem, the base of life of that whole area, being at the same time the scene of an incredible landscape and the road by which the inhabitants of the area move. .Landscapeslandscape-and-car-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of-the-worldThe color and variety of the landscapes is incredible. Many times they looked like real movie sets where each car, farming instrument or tree had been put there by the art department. There are rice fields that flow into lands full of green palms, or areas flooded with multicolored crops, or cornfields, or simply extensions where giant trees shade the animals that graze there. I still have the red color of their fertile land engraved on the retina.Childrennenes-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of the worldQuite simply, Burmese children are to eat them. They show agility and joy and are a bit of a crook. They gave me unforgettable moments in which I enjoyed making photos and sharing some candy with them.Marketsmarkets-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of the worldThe perfect setting for my camera without a doubt. Markets are color in its pure state, the essence of a community and a population. If you want to meet the people of a country, go to a market. In Myanmar, the markets are also social gathering places where people come to cut their hair, chat, smoke and spend the morning. I loved the fact that the scales are still in use there.Thanakathanaka-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of the worldThe thanaka is the makeup that is used mostly by women and children to get beautiful and protect themselves from the sun. Most of them are usually applied to the cheeks in the manner of two rounds, as if they were Heidis, although then of course the imagination of each one comes into play.Colorbaskets-of-colors-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of-the-worldSo, without more. Color floods everything. In Myanmar, as in the rest of the countries of Asia, they do not understand blacks or sober tones. Life is dressed in the brightest colors and even the baskets of purchase are an excellent reason for a photograph.Trainstrains-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of the worldBoth the trains and the stations are a hive of people and activity. It was precisely in a train station where my romance with this country began and where I made my best photos. I think no one can miss the experience of buying a ticket at any train station and travel for a few hours through those wooden wagons that last over time.Back to the pastporteria-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of the worldIn Myanmar, as in India, I had the constant feeling of having been transported into the past. I seemed to be reliving stamps that I had seen in faded 60s photos. Store counters, absence of computers and bar code readers. Those doormen of the houses with bunches of keys hanging and where the word has not yet been replaced by the whatsup. Everything constituted a trip through time that allowed me to intuit that my country had been like that in many aspects a few dozen years ago.Tea housescasas-de-te-Myanmar-Burma-impressions-of-the-worldAlthough the tea did not convince me (nothing to do with the aromatic Indian chai), the tea houses that populate this country seemed to me to be the most genuine and representative of Myanmar. They can be des