My reason why Clark decided to take pictures of

       My favorite photographer is Clark Little. He was born in Napa, California in 1986 and moved to Oahu, Hawaii 2 years later which would change his future.  In the 80’s and the 90’s, Clark put his name out there in the surfing world at Waimea Bay.  He had the talent to surf even if he encountered heavy shorebreak and continued on with this as his passion throughout the years. In 2007, he realized that he had another passion; to capture the beauty of the shorebreak on Hawaii’s beaches which was where Clark’s career would start.        The main reason why Clark decided to take pictures of shorebreak was when his wife wanted a picture of the ocean to decorate their house.  In fact, his wife actually bought a picture of Waimea Bay from a local gallery and brought it home. When his wife showed him the picture, Clark said “I could get something better and more interesting than that.” and with his experience as a surfer, he was determined to get a picture for his wife. So, he bought a cheap, digital point and shoot camera and bought a waterproof housing on Amazon.  He practiced with his camera and played with it on weekends and got good feedback from his family and knew that this had more potential.  And within a few months, he upgraded to a professional level setup and has been shooting ever since. Before he became a photographer, he was big in the surfing world specifically at Waimea Bay and slowly transitioned into photography. Also, he worked as a manager at the Botanical Garden for 17 years and didn’t know that his career would go off of this path. Furthermore, the point and shoot camera that Clark used was a Canon CD500 and his professional camera(s) are a Nikon D300, D3, and a D4 with a Fisheye 10.5 and 16mm lenses.  As for attire, he strictly relies on Ally Swim Fins for his survival while also wearing Hurley wetsuits and rash guards.        The type of photography that I like about Clark Little is nature and wildlife.  This interests me because I’m into animals, nature, and the beach so him taking pictures of the beach and turtles is interesting to me.  What’s unique about Clark Little is that he was a former surfer and took no photography classes but is still able to put out nice pictures that sell to the public.  Also, most famous photographers are dead and Clark is still alive. There are no techniques to Clark’s style it’s just that he has so many years of experience in the ocean so he knows how the water moves and where to position himself in the water.        Clark Little inspires me because he takes nice pictures of nature.  I like hiking and adventures which calls for nice scenery and Clark Little does just that.        All in all, I learned that Clark Little didn’t need to go to school to be successful. If your job is your passion, then you will never work a day in your life.  Clark Little affects me as a photographer because I try to take pictures as nice as he does. He influences what I take pictures of and he changed my “eye” of what looks good and what doesn’t.