My other areas such as business management, marketing, accounting,

career choice falls in the industry of horticulture this industry has a vast
array of career options available for one to pursue. It be landscaping,
farming, ranching, landscaping etc. Whatever it may be that one chooses I
believe that being involved in the horticulture field will bring enjoyment and
fulfillment to one’s life. Personally, I want to own and operate my own
landscaping company. I have been working with a tree service company for the
past four years and have loved It, I want to be able to bring enjoyment to
clients when they see that outdoor space that they have been envisioning
finally come to life, I want to feel that sense of pride that I created
something with my own two hands and because of that my clients are content with
their new spaces.

any personal business venture the salary that is to be expected from owning a
landscape company can be very fluctuant and is greatly dependent on many
internal and external variables as well as the owner and his willingness to
work at a productive rate. These include but are not limited to the number of
hours and owner is willing to work, the marketplace and the location where the
company will be based out of. There is also the fact that one has to be very
self-motivated and reliant no one is going to be telling you what assignments
you have to do on a daily basis, where you have to go everything that is
occurring within your company is your personal responsibility. If you put
little interest and effort in the quality of work you perform it will show in
your salary and vice versa. The lower end of the spectrum in the landscape
industry earn an average of $24,468 and top executives are earning on average a
salary of $92,972 with one in every four being self-employed according to

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though one does not need and isn’t required any type of formal education to
start, own and operate a successful landscape company a degree in the
horticultural field does ease the process since it exposes you to a whole
wealth of knowledge. One also needs to be proficient in other areas such as
business management, marketing, accounting, finances, and leadership skills in
order to be able to have a crew that interactively works towards the same goals
and legal knowledge in order to be up to date with all federal, state and city statues
for owning a company as well as for performing the said work. For example, a
lot of state require for one to have your company registered with the state for
taxing purposes while some states require you to have special licensing for the
jobs you will be performing be it a home improvement contractor license,
irrigation license or pesticide licenses. This can vary from state to state so
the best option is to check with your state offices before beginning any work.

landscape industry is a booming field according to some statistics from a IBIS
world market report the industry has a $78 billion annual revenue, a growth of
3.9% and it employs about 969,257 people. There is a growing demand for
landscapers be it for commercial or residential clientele. Some residents hire
landscapers to have better curb appeal, some have always envisioned their own
green space where they can relax right in their own backyard but do not have
the time, resources, skills and knowledge to be able to make that idea come to
life without hiring the help of a professional. On the other hand, commercial
clients need to have the exterior of their place of business look aesthetically
pleasing and welcoming. They need to maintain their business clean and
professional looking at all times and since they are busy catering to the needs
of their own clients they need someone trustworthy to do their landscaping.
Jobs in the landscape field can be found practically anywhere where there is
people and business but is mainly focused inside densely populated cities with
each different location having a different type of market and demands.

Marc Anthony once said, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in
your life” sure every job has its pitfalls and landscaping isn’t the exception
especially if you are the owner of a company. As the owner, you have to be able
to interact proficiently with your clients, price jobs and the materials
correctly to overturn a profit. One also has to be able to assign work crews
and direct them in doing their job correctly, but if you truly love what you do
and enjoy it the good will always outweigh the bad.