My Career Goals Preparation, Experience, and Accomplishments in the Field of Education Capstone Project

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My Career Goals Preparation, Experience, and Accomplishments in the Field of Education Capstone Project


I am currently enrolled in a Trident University Masters of Education course, which is what I have always dreamt of pursuing. This program has introduced me to several professional components of education. Firstly, course faculty comprises of prominent specialists in the field of education, who realize the need for perfecting professionalism within the academic realm. Further, this university focuses on making its pupils learn from prior policy experiences and local innovation, followed by comparing their learning with other nations’ educational institutions. Thus, this Masters of Education course will help in the development of all-round professionalism in me.

The mission of Trident University is to offer outstanding internet-based education to pupils. The university practice guarantees every program complies with top academic excellence benchmarks. Additionally, the institution boasts teaching faculty and other staff members who contribute to building a learning community in which pupils acquire problem resolution and critical thinking ability for improving their personal and professional lives. I stand impressed by the economical yet first-rate education offered at Trident, which aids pupils in attaining career advancement. The university cherishes and respects all of its pupils, irrespective of race, age, religion, sex, color, and ethnicity.

I opted for the Masters of Education course at Trident as I was confident in its ability to offer the ideal academic atmosphere for it. Impressively, the university has on hand a wide gamut of requisite resources for delivering academic excellence. Both teaching and non-teaching staff demonstrate commitment to pupil success. Furthermore, they endeavor to improve pupils’ learning experience and quality of teaching. The Masters of Education program syllabus supports novel ideas, and a diversity of standpoints from multiple cultural, educational, professional, disciplinary and personal domains. Trident’s administrative staff demonstrates sincere commitment to serving pupils with compassion, and are sensitive to their special requirements (Spring, 2015).

Career Goals

My focus has been self-improvement concentration courses. I intend to make the most of my learning experiences at Trident by utilizing my program to grasp every aspect of teaching and education. I have opted for concentration courses in the area of learning basics and psychology for grasping education’s psychological facets. The above focus will assist me when dealing with fellow educators and pupils.

The use of research techniques in the area of education facilitates the formulation of approaches vital to professionalism development and to increasing practice effectiveness and efficacy. Research will prove crucial to my career, providing me a chance at experimenting novel concepts and improving student experiences. Ethics and law prove imperative when it comes to comprehending the policies and rules regulating academic courses. I am paying emphasis to this area for making sure I thoroughly comprehend the educational arena’s requisite ethical considerations (Marginson, 2016).

In addition, I am striving to hone my technological competences. Advanced technological ability will prove valuable to my career and, to this end, I have been attending relevant symposiums and engaging in discussions. I have been acquainting myself with e-learning platforms as well (Onorato, 2013).

Additional career objectives I have established for myself include pedagogic advancement. I have been striving towards understanding novel theories, approaches, processes, and systems for building educative capability. I intend to share those with pupils in my career life. Moreover, I am dedicated to improving how I comprehend instructions and adopt them practically. This will prove beneficial in ensuring a more concentrated practice consistent with the expectations of my superiors and the requirements of my pupils. My personal aims include: student management, classroom improvement, personal outlook improvement, and increased political activity (Harris et al, 2013). A few courses which facilitate the accomplishment of the aforementioned career objectives are: ‘Strategic Educational Leadership’, ‘Negotiation Strategies for Educational Leaders’ and…

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