My 2016 and my husband’s name is Manpal Singh.

My name is Amritpal Kaur and I am a
native of Haryana.  I am married since
May’ 2016 and my husband’s name is Manpal Singh. My goal in life is to become a
health care professional and hence, help the needy. In today’s era, health is
the only sector that is increasing with the increasing population. Furthermore,
demand for health care personnel is also growing. I can foresee high demand of
quality nurses around the world in the near future. In order to become one, I
want to expand my knowledge base for the same and wish to seek quality
education in this stream. Therefore, I aspire to pursue further education in
nursing from Australia.

History and Education Level:

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I had passed my higher secondary
examination from School Education Board, Haryana, in the year 2009 with 7 CGPA.
Thereafter, I completed my senior secondary from the same board in the year
2011 with a decent CGPA of 9.6. Immediately after completing my senior
secondary, I had enrolled for 3.5 years diploma in ‘General Nursing and
Midwifery’ from G.H, Karnal. I had successfully finished my diploma in Jan
2015. Subsequently, I had pursued diploma in ‘Health Visitor’ from ‘Mahatama
Gandhi Institute’, Delhi, from July’ 15 to June’ 17. During my diploma, I had
also been preparing for IELTS exam and took the exam in April’ 16, scoring
overall 6 bands.

 Study Motives:

My inspiration for nursing came
from my school days when I was given the responsibility of first aid facility
and medical care room of the school. I always took an intense interest in
providing the best first aid treatment to each and every one in need. I used to
keep my medical room immaculate and updated with all kinds of aids.  Caring for the needy and providing cure to
the ill always provided me a great sense of satisfaction. Thereafter, my
interest in health care field gradually intensified, leading me to choose this
sector to make my career in. So I undertook various diploma courses to make my
career in the field of nursing and health care. Though I had done dual diploma
courses, yet I feel, to become a proficient nurse, it is vital to hold
professional qualification and degree. So I searched for various course options
that one can pursue in India. I had been looking for a course that will provide
me great amount of practical exposure so that I can learn from real cases.
Surprisingly, the type of practical exposure provided in Indian medical
institutes could not convince me. Here, more focus is on theory, not practice.
I believe ‘You learn more by practicing than just by studying’.  Moreover, the seats available for different
courses are very few in Indian Institutes and the admission process is too
tedious that it wastes a lot of time in application and processing. On
consulting my peer group, I got suggestions to look for study options abroad.
Few people suggested me to go to Australia whereas few were in favor of Canada.
So I explored the course and the course curriculums available in both the
countries. I realized that the courses available in both the countries are
equally competitive. I was amazed to see the quality of education abroad and
the kind of learning experience one has in foreign universities. I really got
excited and decide to pursue further education abroad only. Also, over the internet,
I found that especially for nursing course, many Indian students go to
Australia. Moreover, many of my friends have already been studying in
Australia. So, I felt Australia would be a better option for me. 

Why Australia:

Apart from this, there are many
other reasons because of which I have decided to study in Australia. First of
all, Australia is currently the third most popular destination for
international students after the United States and the UK. Cultural diversity of the country, top class quality of education,
and friendliness of its inhabitants make this country the most preferred choice
of students. Australians appreciate the value of cultural diversity that
international students bring to their country, and take great care in looking
after international students and in helping to adapt to Australian way of life.
Australia is an extremely safe country compared to almost anywhere else in the
world. Moreover, the education system in Australia has an impressive
international reputation. It is known for its innovative policy developments
and effective structure, as well as the high quality of its teaching and
research. Teaching staff in Australia is highly skilled and experienced and
provides its students with strong academic skills and valuable networks.
Furthermore, after graduating from an Australian university, a student’s
education qualifications are recognized by global employers and education
institutions all through the world, making it far easier for students who study
in Australia to find work in their chosen field following graduation.

Why Edith Cowan University (ECU):

Choosing one university in
Australia is the most difficult part of the whole process as all the
universities are equally competent and offer best quality of education. While
choosing the university, I had to consider a lot many factors like tuition
fees, location, course curriculum, salary packages, student review, etc. I did
lot of research to select the appropriate university for me. At once, I really
got bemused as there were so many choices available at my dispense. So, I asked
few of my friends who are already studying in Australia. Majorly, three names
were repeatedly suggested to me: University of South Asia (Unisa), Monash
University and Edwin Cowan University (ECU). So, further exploration and
comparison was required to make the final choice. Therefore, I surfed through
different education and study abroad portals. On comparing these three
universities, I found that although all the three universities offer excellent
education services, yet, tuition fees of ECU was quite suitable to my budget.
Moreover, maximum student ratings were given to ECU in student surveys. Also,
the starting salaries after graduating from ECU are really high.  In addition to this, I was impressed by the
course curriculum at ECU. The course offered at ECU covers a wide range of
areas in relation to health care and nutrition. There are many majors available
for the course, chiefly Health Promotion, Nutrition, Nutrition Bioscience,
Environmental Health, Occupational Safety and Health and Addiction studies. All
these topics motivated me to pursue my course at this university only.

Apart from this, the professors and
teachers who teach at ECU are highly qualified and experienced. They hold
degrees from top universities of the world. Also, as per the feedback of
present students who are studying there, the class environment at ECU is really
very good and peaceful. The labs at ECU are well equipped with latest tools and
machines. All this kindled in me an ardent desire to pursue my bachelor’s
course at ECU only.

Course outcome:

As soon as I will complete my
education at ECU, I will be immediately returning to my home in India. I feel, Indian
health care sector is wanting in terms of good nurses and professionals in
health care. Moreover, an international degree is highly valued and recognized
not only in India, but all across the globe. I am very sure that when I will
return to India after holding a degree from one of the topmost education
providers in Australia, I would be having many job options available to me.
Many organizations like FORTIS, IVY, MAX, APOLLO, etc. are expanding their
operations and have been increasingly demanding high profile nurses and health
professionals. I am sure that I would be earning a salary package of around Rs
12 to Rs 15 lakh in Indian healthcare sector. International degree would give a
boost to my career in India.

I would be thankful if I get an
opportunity to study at this prestigious institute. I am eager to be a part of
multicultural learning environment of ECU.