Music nostalgia factors, including people, events, etc. These factors

Music from the previous time is linked to emotions that can last into one’s later years. music seems to be a powerful memory cue for many people. Psychologists found that songs frequently evoked memories. Sometimes, as in case, a song would evoke a general recollection – a memory for a life period such as high school, or college, or dating that certain someone from long ago.Nostalgia is the prevalence of young minds on their own favorite things. Mining or creating nostalgia factor in the product is the key to successful nostalgia marketing. Nostalgia marketing is not just simply adding a nostalgia factor to the product, but to use this factor to combine business and products, to mine products brand potential nostalgic elements, and endow the product brand with the significance of the scene or characters, in this way companies can stimulate consumers’ nostalgic feelings, and promote and sell more on this basis, and finally helps in achieving good sale results.According to the model of consumer behavior, consumer behavior can be divided into three reaction process, they are emotional reaction, cognitive reaction and behavioral reaction, corresponding to the field of nostalgia marketing, consumer behavior is consist of nostalgic emotional reactions, nostalgic cognitive responses and nostalgic behavioral responses three stages:Stage I: Nostalgic Emotional Reaction – At this stage people awaken their inner memory through contact direct or indirect with merchandise and to contact themselves and the merchandise occurs by attitudes and emotions. Research shows that feelings can be evoked by diversity nostalgia factors, including people, events, etc. These factors can be both physical stimulation and invisible stimuli.Stage II: Nostalgic Cognitive Reaction – Dominated in nostalgia, people being affected by physiological and psychological mechanisms, which produce positive or negative attitude toward goods, and we generally call it nostalgic cognitive responses. Typically, when people think the situation in the past to have a more positive perception than it is now, people tend to feel positive nostalgia, whereas a negative perception of nostalgia will occur. Nostalgia product preferences are usually active in positive nostalgia, the affirmation and love of the past can inspire people’s preferences of products, and then to meet their emotional needs through the consumption of nostalgia product. It is a stable foundation of the successful implementation of nostalgia marketing.Stage III: Nostalgic Behavioral Reaction – At this stage people start to take nostalgic emotion and cognition into action. The attitude of people towards the past (cognitive variables) will linked with behavior of buying nostalgia product. Research shows that the more people love the things in the past, the more possible they will buy the product. With the passing of time, people buy products to keep contact with the past, and maintain self-continuity, which is the direct cause of nostalgia consumption.