MOTIVATION but the more I think of it, the



Dear Sir/Madam,

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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Thai Thuy Tien and currently, I am a senior student at Le Quy Don – Dong Da High School in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have read the information about the Bachelor in Software Engineering study programme with great interest on your website. Through this motivational letter, I would like to put forward my candidacy for enrolment in this course.

“A small change can have a big impact” – that is the saying that I sympathize profoundly until now. Since I was a child, I was once obsessed with justice, with good deeds and rights, for I wanted to become a great and powerful judge. I put my greatest effort on studying at school, tried to do everything in life correctly and perfectly, and played judgment games with my friends. Many of my friends wished to have the dream as I have, wished that they could love and be passionate at law as I am, but they chose different paths and different ways. Lawyer is a respectful career, a dream job that I would be so proud if I could have, but the more I think of it, the more I doubt my choice: Would it be enough?

Language is always the biggest barrier. I asked myself: “If I was born in the USA, would I be able to enter Harvard as easy as the way I can pass the university entrance exam to the Top university in my country?”. I know the answer is yes, at least to me, but I cannot blame for my start. Being a lawyer means I have to understand greatly the language and the customs as well as tradition, but how long will it take me to know those things as well as a native speaker? Forever, I guess, but I do not want to quit my dream that easy. I want to be a lawyer because I love writing because I want to think and find the way to get out of trouble, to help people and to help myself, and when I can break down my dream into those small reasons, I choose to fit with Software. Code to me is another kind of language that everyone has the same chance to learn and to absorb, it shows equality just exactly the way that laws are made to show, and software engineering force me to collect data and think logically and seriously like a lawyer find the way to combine laws from law books and discuss with others. The two fields may sound different, but they stand for the same purpose: to show human knowledge and to help people.

With the swift development of technology, technology is becoming extremely important for life both in present and in the future. How slowly will we progress if we do not want to contribute to something that is considered “smarter” than us? That is the computer, that is the visual and artificial intelligence, and they are created to serve people.

I am much eager for diving deep into the pool of knowledge and absorbing everything. I am really enthusiastic to attend a Bachelor course related to computers and machine intelligence. Knowing how to cooperate with machines will help me to successfully acquire in-depth skills for Data scientist – which I consider to be my future career, and bring out the concept of Computer science to apply in different industry.

I myself always noted that I had good abilities in such subjects as mathematics and computing. This not only made me realize that I could follow the things I’m good at but also increased my interest in sciences, which may sound boring and dry, and I decided to link my future prospect with technology and data analyzing, wishing to gain success in the future. For that reason I constructed a plan for achieving this long-term aim, starting from registering for a Bachelor course in a well-organized and reputable environment where definitely help me accomplish my future plan and motivate me to go further in achieving what I really care about: the combination of human rights and machine intelligence. My purpose for applying to this bachelor program is to both expand my solid education and to create more opportunities for myself in the future. I wish in particular to be trained at an advanced level in distributed systems, database systems, and data mining. My ultimate goal is to become an expert in data analyst and data scientist who gathers information and bring out the valuable “insights” that the marketing sectors or the company can use for their campaigns. I believe that advanced training in a graduate program of good quality will realize my dream.

I believe that the desire to acquire these skills is one reason why I am attracted to the Software Engineering program in Saxion University, which is a well-known Applied science university in Netherlands that is famous for its excellence in the information and communication technology field, complete with an accomplished faculty and modern research resources. I am also attracted by the program’s inventiveness and uniqueness. With students from various nations, it provides its students with a good chance to learn from different cultures as well as cope with big challenges in life. Also the fact that Saxion University links its students with many lecturers who are leading expert in their fields and we have a golden chance to study and to discuss with them is the fundamental reason of why I desire to study exact here. I do believe that apart from my strong will for Software services together with my high academic results I achieved (GPA: 91%) and an advanced English communication skill with IELTS band 7.0, studying at Saxion, I seek to combine all the knowledge and ability I have gathered over the years and try to deepen my understanding and my passion for software engineering and in the future, Data science.


I am confident that I will match the high standards set by your university and I will be able to greatly contribute to the program. With the explicit purpose bearing firmly in mind, I strongly aspire to secure admission to pursue graduate studies, with adequate financial assistance in your program which is the Saxion Living Technology Scholarship since I myself realized I can completely meet the requirements for this scholarship.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if I become a student of your university, I promise to be a worthy student, not just because I would motivate myself and accomplish my goal, but I will definitely contribute to the development of the Software services in the Netherlands’ industry.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,




Thai Thuy Tien