Most part of the daily life. Due to some

     Most of the Americans
say that they fight with their family and lovers due to of stress, and most
them say they are suffering from physical and emotional symptoms of the
stress(Anonyme,2017). Stress is an
ongoing dilemma that occurs in each and everyone’s life. It is absolutely a
normal part of the daily life. Due to some trivial problems which occur in
people’s daily lives, big amounts of ongoing stress can appear. As the stress accumulation, it will industriously interfere with the person’s health, work life, and family life. 


     If the person could not control the response
to stressors, the body will be affected by problems with the heart and the immune system. First, stress affects the heart harmfully. Due to
the increasing of the stressful situation, the body release hormones that
prepare the body for fighting, and this hormone called adrenaline. As result
of releasing this hormone, the rate of the
heart speed up, the blood
pressure increases, and the artery walls in the heart become
constricted. Stress also impacts on the immune system. When the body has a long-term
chronic stress, the immune system in the body is affected. Chronic stress a key factor to leak amount of a
protein that is essential to send signaling to the immunes cells. So,
the body without these proteins becomes more susceptible to acute diseases such as cancer.    

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     Second, stress influence on family
relationships through the person’s mood and thoughts. Relationships
advisories confirmed that balancing between work and family life is the third
biggest strain on couple’s relationships(Anonyme,2017). Fathers and mothers
usually find themselves under nervous stress because of their
violent quarrel, problems in their own relationship, or if they split up. Consequently,
their children may become bully in their school, or
got in trouble with other children who had a bad impact on them. Moreover, this
can lead the children to psychological problems in early
childhood, and do the same behavior with their wives.


     Third, as soon as the impact of stressors on relationships with family, it is also impact on the workers, especially with their bosses. One of three employers said that their boss wants work to come before family life(Anonyme,2017). Most of the stress that the workers face today are new bosses. Because of The stress of holding a difficult job with very demanding employees, lots of employers finding it increasingly challenging to balance between their personal and professional life. As a result, it effects on them to inability to work properly and thus they lose their job. Losing the job can be destructive, putting jobless people at risk for depression, anxiety, and even suicide.        In conclusion, stress is an adapting response that helps the body to prepare for a hard situation. Stress leads to increase the rate of the heart and the blood pressure. Also, effects on the family relationship, and can lead the children to become bullying. It affects also on workers, in which to make them an inability to work or to lose their job.