Moreover, of living. “AI has huge potential to boost

Moreover, AI can help to improve economics growth. According to research published by Accenture, AI has
the potential to double the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates of 12
developed economies by 2035. The study, entitled Why Artificial Intelligence is the
Future of Growth, also found that AI could increase labour productivity
significantly by up to 40% in some cases.(Percy, 2017).The
utilization of AI in manufacturing activities 
help to improve productivity, enhance products quality, improve working
environment and energy saving. (Fekety, 2015). Machines with AI can do
repetitive tasks over a longer period of times without getting bored. They also
no need to rest. In the contrary, human need rest or otherwise they might make
some serious mistakes when performing their tasks. This shows that machines
with AI have higher working efficiency as compare to human and it gives
significant benefits to industries as the productivity can be increased. AI
also helps to increase the standard of small and medium-sized enterprises.
(Trappl, 1985). These small and medium-sized enterprises often lack with
skilled labor and this become an obstacle for them to enlarge their production
scale. Through the introduction of high-performance, low cost, easy-to-use
robotic machines that incorporate with AI, labor shortage problem can be solved
as they no need to employ more workers. Productivity can also be increased to
achieve the markets demand. For example, self-driving tractors can increase the
productivity of the agricultural sectors and contributes to increases in
standard of living. “AI has huge potential to
boost economic growth”, says Mark Purdy, Managing Director and Chief Economist,
Accenture Research. “It can have a pervasive impact on business profits because
it affects nearly every part of the organization ? from production, to sales,
to innovation.” This shows that AI plays a crucial role in developing
countries’ economic. For example, AI can analyse thousands of documents in a
fraction of time while for human it might take three to six months to complete
it. In sales industries, AI is implemented as part of
smart sales acceleration solutions that work for customer relationship
management (CRM) software. (Stancu, 2017). It helps to analyse data to answer
specific and valuable sales question so that we will be more understand about
customers’ requirements and changes can be made to achieve customers’
satisfaction. Hence, AI plays a pivotal part in improving economic growth.

there is no rose without a thorn. Although AI brings variety of benefits to us,
it can also cause a challenging problem to human, which is unemployment. “We
are approaching a time when machine will be able to outperform human at almost
any tasks,” said by expert Moshe Vardi. AI could drive global unemployment to 50%, wiping out
middle-class jobs and exacerbating inequality. (Alan Yuhas, 2016). Barnett (2017) found out that 47 % of employees
in America are at high risk of losing jobs because of AI. Many companies and
industries want to introduce AI in their production processes or services
because AI can achieve higher precision and accuracy. Due to lack emotional
side, machines with AI can think logically and make correct decisions. In
contrast, emotions will affect human efficiency. In the other hand, machines
with AI can be employed to perform dangerous tasks. They
can adjust their parameters such as their speed and time, and be made to act
quickly, unaffected by factors that affect humans. In addition, nowadays, self-driving cars,
household robots, service robots and other AI applications are becoming very
popular. Machines with AI have the potential to replace human because it has
higher efficiency and better working performance. Many jobs are vulnerable to
AI revolution. For example, taxi drivers and courier drivers are replaced by
self-driving cars, security guards are replaced by computerized check-ins while
cashiers and clerks are replaced by chatbots and machines. People who work in
these fields will become jobless as they are replacing by AI robots. At the
same time, no appropriate new income policies are formulated to fit the changed
technological conditions. This situation will cause many people to loss their
income. People will face many problems to sustain their life and they go
through emotional trauma. This is especially so if the people who was fired is
the sole breadwinner of the family. As such the family members will face
financial difficulties and they will starve. Aside from this, jobless people
will lose psychological and social needs. (Trappl, 1985). Through working,
people can enjoy satisfaction when they complete their works. They can also
have the chances to enjoy the joy of achievement if they complete their tasks
successfully or make some higher achievement in their jobs. Besides, working
also help people to enhance personal identities because they can interact and
communicate with people from every stratum of the society. This helps them to
widen their horizon and widen their circle of friends. However, unemployment
affected by AI causes human to lose these invaluable experiences. They might
fulfill their time with negative activities such as thieving. This will in turn
results in increasing crime rate because they use it as an alternative to gain
money. Civil tranquility will be disturbed. Therefore, AI will cause
unemployment problem and consequently affect the standard of living. 

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