More live. Knowledge, coupled with ingenuity, provides everyone around

than fifty years of human activities in space have produced societal benefits
that improve the quality of life on Earth and other planets if possible in near
future. The first satellite, designed to study the space environment and test
initial capabilities in Earth orbit, provided critical knowledge and
capabilities for developing satellite telecommunications, global positioning,
advances in weather forecasting and other major breakthroughs.

nations are presently designing for, house exploration programs that
concentrate on the Moon, Mars and near-Earth asteroids, and propose voyages of exploration
for robots and humans alike. These journeys can give answers to a number of the
foremost elementary scientific and philosophical queries – “How did our solar
system and residential planet form?” “Does life exist beyond the Earth?” and
“What are the potential opportunities for humanity in our native house
environment?” A shared scientific vision, grounded in these elementary questions
and targeted on the theme of “Origins and evolution of our system and life,”
has the facility to unite house exploration stakeholders, challenge scientists,
and capture the general public imagination. With such a vision in hand, the
science community will guide and accelerate the progress of robotic and human
house exploration and share the advantages that these activities confer to
society. The challenges of space exploration have sparked new scientific and
technological knowledge leading to better understanding of our Universe and the
solar system in which we live. Knowledge, coupled with ingenuity, provides
everyone around the globe with solutions as well as useful services. Knowledge
acquired from space exploration has introduced new perspectives on our
individual space/self and collective place in the Universe

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benefits can be categorized into three fundamental areas: Innovation; Culture
and Inspiration; and new means to address global challenges.


Space exploration has
contributed to many diverse aspects of life, from solar panels to implantable
heart monitors, from cancer therapy to light? weight materials, and to a global
search?and?rescue system. Achieving the ambitious future exploration goals as
outlined above will further expand the economic relevance of space. Space
exploration will continue to be an important driver for opening up new domains
in science and technology, triggering other sectors to partner with the space
sector for joint research leading to innovation.