Molly’s running high stakes poker games with athletes, billionaires

Molly’s Game, is the enthralling true story of Molly “Poker
Princess” Bloom who ran one of the most exclusive and lucrative underground
poker games with it all eventually come crashing down. So, captivating is Molly’s
story it has now been made in a film directed by Aaron Sorkin and starring an
academy award winning and nominated cast comprising of Jessica Chastain, Idris
Elba, Kevin Costner, and Michael Cera.

Molly’s game is a captivating read and a book that will hold
your attention all the way through. Bloom provides the reader with a glimpse of
her life before she found herself in the murky world of underground poker.
Detailing how Bloom was raised in the little town of Loveland in Colorado and
how had some success at Olympic level skiing before an injury cut her career

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The highlight of the Molly’s tale is when she takes you
though the journey that landed her running high stakes poker games with
athletes, billionaires and celebrities. Bloom, details her interactions with
some of Hollywood’s biggest names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and
Toby McGuire. Particularly fascinating is her relationship with Toby McGuire,
and his reported growing distain from Bloom over time, with the most notable example
when he demanded Bloom bark like a seal for a poker chip worth $1,000.

From the highlights of Bloom’s time in Los Angeles, Bloom’s
journey then shifts to her time in New York which saw her move her target her game
to the high end investment bankers of Wall St. From here Bloom’s journey takes a
darker turn with the book detailed her eventual downfall and investigation by
the FBI.  

What sets apart Molly’s Game apart from any other poker biography,
is that Bloom herself is not a professional poker player. Bloom just orchestrated
some of the highest stakes underground games in town which intern lies he general
mass appeal of Bloom’s story. This is a tale that should be read by all, poker
payer or not.