Mohammed flames and about 50 wells gushed oil onto

Mohammed Dobais

Professor Linda

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30 January 2018

    The first aspect that is affected by Gulf
War Two is the economic. The Gulf War Two affected on the Middle East economy
very badly. In the first, the infrastructure of Kuwait and Iraq were destroyed by
the war. For instance, 92% of the Iraqi electrical power and 100 bridges damaged.
Some of the Iraqi infrastructure still damaged since 1991 until now. Moreover,
the budget of the Gulf War itself was very expansive. The coalition of the Gulf
War spend massive amount of money. For example, the expanses of the United States
militaries were 61 billion dollars; the total
pledges from coalition partners that were Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates
and German and Japan, to the United States came 54 billion
dollars (New York Times). Furthermore, the war has negative consequences that
still until now. The Middle East countries lost more than 620 billion dollars since
1991 (Arab Money Fund). In sum, the Gulf War two caused negative impacts on the
economy. If this amount of money had spent on the infrastructure, health and
education, we would have bitter life than what we have nowadays.





      The second feature that affected by Gulf War two
is the environment. According to well-known international research organization,
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, “In early 1991 more
than 800 oil wells were blown up, of these more than 600 caught fire and burned
with flames and about 50 wells gushed oil onto the ground” (IIASA). More
than 355,000 tons was burning every day in the oil fire that caused by Iraqi
militaries. That caused huge amount of poison gases: CO2, SO2, and CH4. As a
result, the number of patients has increased since the oil fires. Moreover, the
Iraqi militaries behavior impacted badly on the marine environment. They
spilled about 5 million barrels of oil on the sea: Arab Gulf. Therefore, 50% to
90% of the fauna of these areas, mainly crabs, amphipods and molluscs were
killed (IIASA). In short, the environmental consequences of the Gulf War Two affected
the air, the marine environment, and the ecosystem.