Modern In recent years the Internet has seen a

technology has changed our daily lives in the social interaction in positive
and negative way; its improve communication by use mobile phone, e mail, and
social media, Shorten the distances between people. Technology has
helped make the world look like a small village; people get to know each other
without having to travel. On the other hand, it negatively affects social interaction by increase
social isolation, absence of body languages, facial expression and some
physical touch during communication. Its decrease interaction between family members; where actual contact replaced by the telephone and
text messages.

            Finally, technologies have caused
highly significant changes in the all configuration of our life include
Medicine, education and social. It has a positive and negative impact on these
aspects, depending on how technology is used. If you use it in the right way
you will benefit the community. Therefore, if it is used in the wrong way, it
may harm the whole society.

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            The entry of technology into our
world encourage the scientists and researchers to harness it in the field of
medicine and health. “technology has essential role in health education as it
relates to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms of disease.”
(Rosal,2017, p.24). Technology has helped doctors implant artificial limbs for
some patients, and researchers are currently looking for opportunities to use
technology instead of donating organs while protecting many lives contributed
to some very significant changes in the health services.
recent years the Internet has seen a proliferation of programs promoting
healthy habits, disease prevention programs and general information on health (Rosal,2017,
p.25). So, the internet contributed to awareness rising and dissemination on
medical and health.

            With the emergence of
innovative technologies changed the face of education. The integration of these
technologies into classroom instruction is essential for promoting student
learning. It has a great
impact on all aspects of the educational process, which is the student who
represents the most important axes in the educational process, and the teacher
who is responsible for the leadership of the educational process.      

            The use of technology
in education affects students; Its increases the interaction of students, develops
positive thinking, and facilitates access to the latest information in multiple
fields. Distance Learning is one of the most modern teaching methods. This
method of teaching reduces the time and effort students need to travel long
distances to access educational institutions.

technology helps the teachers; it provides them with more information and
knowledge, facilitates the participation and dissemination of scientific
materials, raising the quality of education, and facilitate Follow-up students.

new technologies have become a sign of progress, improvement and quality that
determine our lives. The technology used to facilitate human life, comfort, and
survival. Technology has a Double-edged sword. Therefore, it has a negative and
positive impact on our lives. By technology the individual can accomplish many
tasks in a short time and effort, bringing people together, and shortening the
distances between them. On the other hand, increase the tendency of people to
become introverted and isolated. The technology has had great impact on society
from different aspect medicine, education, and social interaction.