Mission dangerous stretches with no missions nearby. Father Lasuen

Mission San Jose was the 14th of the 21 missions to be built along the California coast.It was founded in 1797, by a Spanish friar named Fray Fermin Francisco Lasuen. The Franciscan missionaries hoped to create a “chain” of missions which would be a day’s ride apart on horseback.  In the missions of San Jose by Amy Margret,says that “In 1796, they were well on their way with 13 missions along the California coast from  San Delogo, San Francisco and El camino Real, the road joining them, was a well-traveled road south, but there were still long dangerous stretches with no missions nearby. Father Lasuen and the new governor decided to build 5 more missions and mission San Jose was the first of the five”. By the time Mission San Jose was founded in 1797, 13 other missions had already been built. The purpose of the missions was to bring local California Indians to central location and make them Christians, and later Spanish citizens. When Indians converted,they were baptized,or immersed in water as a symbol of their belief in the Christian God. Life at the San Jose mission they started by ringing the bells. One bell was made to pray the other bell rang for work,mealtimes,and rest. The missionaries held studies for the kids while the adults went to work. While the missions never gained financially from the Indians work. This meant they were sometimes forced to discipline those neophytes who did not do their jobs or who tried to ring the bells. The new way of life provided food and shelter no Native Americans who joined the missions. Mission San jose had a complete reconstruction in the 1980s, but the first permanent church structure finished in 1809 but then it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1868. It was then replaced by a wooden Gothic-style church which was built on top of the old church’s foundation. In 1982, the wooden church was moved to another site, so that the reconstructing of the authentic-looking adobe mission. Three years later, the Mission San Jose was complete.now it is used as a Museum and a gift shop for self-guide tours