Minecraft screen sharing someone, or in any situation as

Minecraft Username (IGN): My current IGN is mommyalice, a list of my previous IGNs can be found here:http://bit.ly/2C4mA6yAge:I’m currently 14 years of age. I believe this is a good age to apply for staff as it’s when people really start to mature and appreciate a lot of things.Time zone:My timezone is GMT (UTC+00)Country:The country I’m currently living in is Ireland.Do you have a working microphone?Yes, I have a working microphone. I feel this is a necessity to be a staff member on any HCF server as it’s extremely difficult to communicate with someone without one, whether it be in a staff interview or if you’re screen sharing someone, or in any situation as a matter of fact.How many hours a day can you put into the server?:I can assign a lot of time to HCNations if I’m accepted as a staff member, I’ll provide a schedule below so you know when exactly I’m available. Please bear in mind the following timetable would be in GMT.MONDAY: 5pm – 11:30pmTUESDAY: 8pm – 10:30pmWEDNESDAY: 2pm – 12pmTHURSDAY: 8pm – 11:30pmFRIDAY: 5pm – 12:00amSATURDAY: 2pm – 12:00amSUNDAY: As much as time as needed.Any previous punishments on the server?:No, I follow the rules as I believe it makes a staff member’s job ten times easier. Any rule-breakers are just a nuisance and aren’t needed at all on the server. Why should you become staff on HCNations (detailed):When I’ve applied for staff on other servers, this has always been the hardest question, and I still believe it is. The reason for this is because I feel I can contribute so much to the server it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, I’m pretty known in the HCF community by my old IGN; Crossbars. I feel like people know they can trust me and rely on me as a staff member for this reason. I know the people on HCNations now and I have formed quite a bond with some, mostly on Kitmap. I feel like I’ve gotten so close to this community and the only way now to get closer and progress is to become a staff member. I constantly see people in chat complaining about the staff on this server and how they’re not active or how they’re immature. I want to change that, I want to make sure people look at HCNations as a big HCF server rather than a dead HCF server. I’ve worked for plenty servers, most of them being HCF related. Trust me when I say this server is going to grow, but only if the right amount of effort and love for the community is put into it. I think I could contribute to that effort being put in. I think I could most definitely contribute to the server growing and becoming a huge HCF server. I don’t think people seem to realise this, but HCNations has such big potential to become as big as a HCF server such as Velt or Arcane. All it needs is a bit of TLC, both from the community and the staff team. I can bring so much to the table, whether it be my past experience, some new ideas, or just my cheerful personality, and I hope other staff see that in me too. All of this, combined with my past experience and my qualities such as loyalty, confidence, positive attitude and great communication, is why I think I should become staff on HCNations.Do you have any past experience as a staff member? (detailed):Yes, I’ve been staff on multiple servers, however, I’m going to list the 2 biggest ones as the others weren’t really big and didn’t peak that many players.VANIC.USVanic.us was a practice server that peaked 800 players on release and got about 300 players on at a time after that. As I was staff on here, I had to learn how to screen share, there were three-hour screen share lessons every week, and therefore I have a LOT of screen sharing experience. However, this server shut down and I didn’t learn methods of finding newer ghost clients. I had a friend who was platform admin at PvPLounge, and he taught me how to find newer clients. I was staff on Vanic.us for 3 and a half months before it shut down.VIPERMC/VIPERHCFViperHCF was a pretty big HCF server having about 600 players, however, soon died out when it went under new ownership. Here I had to learn everything about HCF, and how everything worked. I was assigned to HCF and Practice, HCF because of how quickly I grasped everything, and Practice because of my previous screen sharing experience at Vanic. I resigned when it went under new ownership, and I believe it’s a factions server now by the name of “DecimatePvP”. I was staff on ViperHCF for 3 weeks before the ownership was transferred.Do you have any experience in screen sharing (detailed):As mentioned in the previous question, I have a lot of experience in screen sharing. I can find pretty much any ghost client, and even sometimes Vape Lite (depending on if the user keeps it in his downloads folder). I can find anything from injection clients to versions to forge clients. I believe with the urge to cheat these days, developers are trying to make ghost clients more hidden and undetectable. I believe that day will come soon, but until then, every ghost client can be found, and that’s just the reality of it. But the only way every ghost client can be found, is if you learn the methods and know what you’re looking for when you freeze someone. You have to have an idea of what client somebody is using before you freeze them, whether it be blatant bhop and killaura, or 3.1 reach and an autoclicker. You have to know what you’re looking for, where are you supposed to look if you don’t even know what you’re looking for? This is where I come in. I’ve studied clients, both ghost and blatant for more than a year now. I know how practically every client out there works and how to go about finding it. This why I’m so good at screen sharing, other people screen share not knowing what they’re looking for. Efficiency is key. If you know what you’re looking for then it’s easier to find. If you watch Tenebrous on YouTube, he makes the point that screen sharing will only make ghost clients better and more undetectable. I think that the more they try to make ghost clients undetectable, the more methods they’re going to give us to find them.What makes you better than other applicants? (detailed):There’s this word that can beat any other word when it comes to being a staff member. You can have all the experience you want, you can be an amazing staff member but not be one thing, and without it you’re nothing. Hardworking. It’s such a powerful word. And if there’s anything that I am, it’s hardworking. Even if I look like an idiot, even if something looks like it’s not possible, I will continue to do something until it is finished, no matter how long it takes and no matter how much effort needs to be put in. I can contribute a lot of the time to the server, meaning players aren’t worried that they’re going to be killed by a hacker, with no staff to stop them. I also have a great attitude towards anything that takes time and effort. I have the motivation to get something done in a reasonable period of time that a lot of people that would apply wouldn’t have. I am always honest, if something goes wrong, and it’s my fault, I’ll own up to it straight away. After all, good relationships are built on trust. I’m self-motivated, I require little supervision and mentoring from other staff members to get work done. I do a job without any prodding from others. If I take responsibility for a job, it will be done. I am exceptionally professional. I take pride in how I behave, how I speak accordingly and how I appear to other people. Most importantly, I can work in a team and can connect with other staff members on all levels, both professionally and accordingly. I can have banter with other staff members, but when it’s time to knuckle down and work together, I can do that too.Any additional info you would like to add:If anyone has suggestions that could raise my chances of being accepted, please feel free to contribute positive information, it would mean so much.