Millennials particular celebrity, the industry tends to follow their

Millennials have short attention spans, and without continually being reminded of something or someone, the generation is quick to forget and move on. Thus, constant and consistent exposure of one’s name or brand is pivotal to their success in the industry. The most popular celebrities in current media are those who have mastered tactics in self promotion. Self promotion is one of the main strategies used to stay relevant in Hollywood, where most celebrities reside. However, there are multiple techniques celebrities use that have proved to be very successful. Dr. Dre used his relationships with famous figures to popularize his brand. Kylie Jenner continues to form connections with her followers by regularly updating her social media accounts. Kate Hudson creates a personable image by using tactics that show the authenticity of her brand. Bethenny Frankel used TV to gain recognition of her brand and opened up an online community for fans to share about their experiences with the brand. All of these various tactics have contributed to the self promotion industry and are paving the way for future advertising.   Although there are various techniques one may use to self promote, social media is the most influential vehicle for advertising today. It is necessary for these stars or their companies to have a clear presence on this platform. As of April 2016, 86% of young adults, ranging from 18-29 years old, use social media. Millennials, the main target market for these famous figures, access most of their information and news from social media. Therefore, it is crucial for celebrities and their brands  to meet audiences on the platform that they visit most. Those who do not partake in any social conversation begin to lack relevancy in the social world. These celebrities have successfully set the foundation for the self promotion industry and are influencing advertisers in the way information is being marketed. As social media continues to expand, celebrities will adapt their marketing tactics and will continue to use new platforms. When the public is interested in a particular celebrity, the industry tends to follow their lead. The media wants to promote the people that the public wants to see, because the public determines their financial gain. Each celebrity then uses the media to promote themselves to the public, creating an on-going cycle. Therefore in order to be successful in the industry and in their career, each famous figure must appeal to the public eye; and the only way to achieve the world’s attention is through self promotion.