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Matthew JensenRose1.24.18Laws of Life Essay”Money is Not a Pure Cause of Happiness” If money was not relevant to you in your daily life, would you be happier? If currency meant nothing would life be easier? Imagine an average week of your life. Now imagine that same week without the stress of money. Does it seem better or worse? In my personal opinion, money corrupts people’s ways of thinking. Think back to when you were younger and you had no responsibilities, the only income you had was the ten dollars your mom gave you to go on the class field trip, and you didn’t have to pay for gas or food. Im sure when you think back those times seem stress free and fun. So what happened? Adults started preparing you for the “real world”. A cruel, unforgiving world full of close minded, dull people. People who have given up on their childhood wonders and settled into their roles as successful humans. Also, those who refuse to give in end up at the bottom of the economical food chain. So how do we fix this never ending cycle. At the end of the day you can not break the cycle. There are those who pack up and go abroad in search of a pure life filled with spiritual or mental bliss. Why is this the case? We were all put on this Earth for one reason or another. So why do we spend our time fighting wars over religion or power? All of this for money. A single piece of green paper worth absolutely nothing in the long run. We should be spending the little time we have on this planet enjoying its wonders instead of exploiting and destroying it. We should be more respectful of our only home. Personally, I have seen the negative and positive effects of money on people. Take my own parents for example. Both, very successful in the business world. Each of them waking up and basing their lives around working. Maybe I have a different outlook on life than others, but I just do not think the point of life is to earn a currency created by humans in order to classify each other. My parents work very hard to give my siblings and I the best life possible and for that I am extremely grateful. I have been told before that the cards are usually stacked against you. I think that’s very false. I believe you’re the dealer and you should be allowed to lay the cards of life out in any way you want.