Mathematics the world of finance. My A-level subjects have


Mathematics relies on
logic and practicality; this same attitude is repeated in many analogous areas
such as, Accounting, Economics and Finance. I feel that, with a combination of
knowledge for these subjects, I will be very suitable for a career in the world
of finance. My A-level subjects have strongly increased my interest in
accounting and finance. Mathematics has helped me develop skills I can utilise
at university and at work. Logic, rationality and analysis are skills which are
natural to me. I can quickly comprehend and make use of numerical and
statistical data. Recognising anomalies and commonalities in important data is imperative
for a business. In order to effectively analyse information, it requires the
use of formulas and equations. I believe I am very methodical with the way I
work. I apply rationale and logic to ensure that outcomes are accurate. I wish
to advance these skills as I believe they are essential for studying accounting
and finance.


Business has given me an
insight into some accounting methods such as using ratio analysis to assess the
performance of a business. Economics coupled with business, has given me a
better understanding of how businesses behave and how economies work which is
vital knowledge for someone working in the financial sector. A few years ago,
instead of getting a part-time job, I decided to do some research into things I
could sell online for a profit. I became very interested in the idea of setting
up my business. After conducting my research I decided to start my own business
buying and selling Mobile phone accessories on eBay which turned out to be successful.
After becoming more experienced with selling online, I began to look for more
products I could sell. I found there was a good profit margin for buying,
refurbishing and reselling electronic devices on eBay. I started to teach
myself how to repair various electronic devices including laptops, mobiles, and
tablets by watching YouTube tutorials. I have been running my business for over
2 years now and I now have a rated top seller eBay shop. My business venture
has further amplified my interest in accounting and has allowed me to experience
cash basis accounting with managing and organising my own accounts.  As an
entrepreneurial person who likes to be in charge and have responsibility, in
the future I see myself potentially running my own business or being in a
management role revolving around accounting and finance. I think that at degree
level I can augment relevant skills needed in the work environment and I would
like to enhance this by gaining practical work experience by undertaking a year
in industry to apply knowledge achieved within the degree to real-life
situations. This will prepare me for future problems that may arise in the
professional world. I understand good communication and being able to work as a
team are fundamental skills to be able to work in the finance sector. I feel that
I can confidently lead a team as well as follow instructions. I can communicate
effectively with team members to work towards a common goal.

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In my spare time I enjoy
reading the Financial Times which I read daily as I feel it is beneficial to
keep up with the latest economic news. I am particularly interested in following
Brexit news and understanding the effects it will have on the UK. I also enjoy completing
DIY projects and teaching myself new skills using the internet. I have recently
completed a project for a neighbour who paid me to build them a shed and have begun
making wooden furniture to sell online. I am an optimistic, hard-working and
always motivated to finish what I start, regardless of any problems that may
occur along the way. I would say one of my main strengths is my determination
to succeed. I pride myself on my organisational skills and I am very task
orientated. My sense of duty regarding my objectives is aggregate, and I
believe I have the vital qualities to make a success of this degree.