Martin punished or judged for having a different color

Martin Luther King believed that every human should have equal rights, no matter the
race. His dream was that one day his children would grow up and be judged by the context of
their character, not by the color of their skin. He wanted to banish segregation, which was the
act of setting someone apart based on their race. This idea led to the movement of the Brown
vs. board of education case. This was the law that states that you can not segregate schools.
This is influential to me today because I get to experience going to school in an environment
made up of kids of all races. This is only fair because you should not be judged on the color of
your skin.

Another thing Martin Luther King wanted to accomplish was civil disobedience. This is
also known as peaceful protest. This is important because there are so many ways you can
approach you conflicts without violence. This is an important matter because protesters today
have begun to ignore this, and usually result to violence to get their claim across to the public,
which I find does not solve anything. I believe that if you peacefully protest and not cause public
violence, people will respect you and your beliefs more than if you did so violently.

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Martin Luther king has changed and influenced my life today because he has shaped the
environment I live in. I wouldn’t have the friends or peers i have today that have shaped me to
who I have become. MLK’s words and dreams need to be spread on through the next
generations so people will realize how lucky they are to be able to live in a country where you
are not punished or judged for having a different color skin. They need to remember what our
ancestors went through for us to have these privileges. We can forever thank Martin Luther King
for making a mark in US history and forever changing the way we live.